The term referring to a combination of similar piercing, in the soft tissue or Frenum found in the Genital region.



Referencing a grouping or multiple number of similar piercing in the Genital Region.

Usually in some form of symmetrical layout, such as in a series, or in a line.


Generally these are done from just below the head of the penis, and proceed down towards the groin.

As the healing process for these type of 'surface piercing' is quick, they can generally be all done at one sitting, by an experienced person.

Practice (Associated Acts): A Hafada and Guiche ladder are similar, and many who obtain one of the three, also obtains the other two or at least one other.

Just like a Jacob's Ladder (Frenum Ladder), these are a particular piercing, done in a series or column, like steps on a ladder.

Noteworthy: Hafada - Surface piercing on the Scrotum

Guiche - Surface piercing on the area between the penis root and the anus.

Guiche Ladder - This is where there are several Guiche Piercing. They run in a series, parallel to the penis itself, and thus can be considered an extension of the Jacob's Ladder Piercing.

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