In BDSM role playing, the act of making the submissive person achieve an orgasm, while they resist.



In Role Playing, the submissive is determined or instructed to refrain from achieving an orgasm (ejaculation) while the dominant partner does everything possible to force an ejaculation.

Additionally, it can be used as a part of a larger role playing model, where the submissive is made to expect achieving orgasm at certain points, and then is subsequently denied that completion later on.


This can take form of any method to arouse and excite the submissive partner, to help them reach orgasm. It is the role of the submissive to resist, and in some instances, the Dominant partner will use this to generate an expectation over a period of time.

Once the submissive is used to being brought to an orgasm, the dominant partner switches to where they bring the submissive to the point, but then cease, preventing the submissive from achieving an orgasm. This creates a control over the other, as well as discomfort for the submissive partner.

In addition, the dominant partner may bring the submissive to climax, and then continue with their stimulation adding to the discomfort of the submissive partner. This is due to the increased sensitivity of the sexual organs after achieving orgasm.

Both actions generally involve the submissive to be tied up, using ropes or chains, or restricted with other means. Gags are not generally used, so that the submissive can vocalize their pleas to either stop or continue.

Noteworthy: Supposedly the forcing of an orgasm can be more pleasurable for the submissive partner, as it is involuntary, releasing them from any feelings of guilt, or shame.

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