Sexual arousal attained through contact, worship of the foot of another person.



The worship and sexual arousal of the foot, either part of the foot, the entire foot, or its coverings, are part of podophilia, or of having a foot fetish.

This includes where one has a special admiration for the foot, that elicits a definite sexual response, such as an erection, or in some instances, even aids in achieving an orgasm.

Like many fetishes, it is considered above normal, or an obsession.


Bertold of Regensburg in the 1220's is the most dated surviving reference to foot fetish. There are other references throughout history.

Many argue that foot fetish is a safe sex substitute, and was noted to be most prevalent during times of sexually transmitted disease outbreaks.

This was especially noted during the massive Gonorrhea outbreak of 12th century Europe, and during the Syphilis outbreaks of the 16th and 19th centuries, also in Europe.

In addition, during the AIDS Epidemic a rise in foot fetishism has also been noted.

These claims are based on the study by Dr. A. James Giannini at Ohio State University. The study notes the increase in feet being depicted in a more sexual manner, during those periods of high risk sexual disease outbreaks, such as in art, or today, Internet chat rooms, and sites.

History (Legend): A study by the University of Bologna determined that of those having a sexual arousal by body parts, nearly half of those admitting to such a fetish, listed Feet as their body part of choice. (47%)


Foot Fetish is the worship, of the foot, its various parts. From the sole of the foot, the heel, the toes, to the complete foot, podophilia fans are about the foot. It can be part of a wider condition, termed Agastopia which is the worship of a body part. (see body worship)

Determining characteristics are the size of the foot, the shape of it, the heel, the length or size of the toes, along with how the foot is dressed.

This can be whether covered by socks, or by the type of pedicure it may have.

Odor also plays a role in a foot fetishist arousal. Some may prefer a dirty foot, to that of a clean one, and vice versa.

It is about personal taste, as to what specifically will create the sexual arousal for the worshipper. This can include simply viewing, touching of the foot, to full blown worship, including caressing, licking, and sucking.

Practice (Associated Acts): This particular fetish can include direct contact between the foot and the genitals of the worshipper, or their buttocks. The running of the toes across the scrotum, or between the butt cheeks, can be considered nirvana for some foot fetishists, while for others it is the simply looking at the foot, while masturbating.

How the foot moves can also be included in a routine, that helps stimulates the worshipper.

Noteworthy: There are some noted persons who claim to be enamored by feet, or admit to having a foot fetish.

Some of these people are: Elvis Presley the rock star legend, Quentin Tarantino the movie producer, Jay Leno of The Tonight Show, Howard Stern the shock jock, Casanova the renowned lover, Christian Slate an actor, Martin Sheen an actor, and even Andy Warhol.

Even Sean John Combs, more commonly known as P Diddy, Puff Daddy, a rapper, record producer, fashion designer, and all around entrepreneur, along with comedian, actor Eddie Murphy are noted foot fetishists.

In the Jewish Faith, during the period of mourning, the mourners are barefooted, to show their signs of distress. It was well known in ancient times, that being barefoot, indicated a sign of mourning, respect for the departed.

Additionally, it was also a sign of status, in that only the more elite, rich, were able to afford sandals or other coverings of the foot. So being barefoot also denoted a sign of status within the society. Most noted was during Roman Times.

Other meanings

In many religions, being barefoot is a sign of respect to one's holy places. An example being that Muslims will remove their footwear, when entering a Mosque for prayers.

In biblical times it is noted that when Moses approached the burning bush, he was instructed to remove his footwear, to appear barefoot before the Lord.

There are some who believe that being barefoot, allows for a closer connection to the Earth, and some Religious Orders practice barefoot pilgrimages, to remain connected to their religious journey. To feel the very ground.

In American Literature, being barefoot was also a symbol of innocence, purity. This was true in many of the Mark Twain stories, and was even recorded as such, by the paintings of Norman Rockwell.

Children at play were traditionally shown 'barefoot' as a sign of their innocence.

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