A sexual toy originally designed for sperm collection by a Police Officer, that is now used for masturbation.



A self masturbation device, which replicates the feelings of either a vulva, anus, or mouth. The gel like inner sleeve is stickier than knock offs, and creates a better feel, along with a more realistic friction effect.

It is this realism, that is supposed to aid in Masturbation.


The name is derived from its look, and from the inner lining that is made of a material that most resembles, feels like, actual flesh. It comes in various styles, to represent either a vulva, anus, or mouth.

Patented in 1998, as a discreet sperm collecting device, though the actual device was developed by a Police Officer, who was doing without sex, due to the pregnancy of his wife.


Like any sex toy, it must be properly maintained and kept clean after each use, or the risk of infection is too high.

It is placed over the penis, and held in one hand. Then one simply does what one does naturally.

Due to the composition of the inner sleeve, it is recommended to use water based lubricants, rather than oil based. Oil based lubricant can damage the inner sleeve.

It has also been suggested, that it would be a good device to clamp to a desk or such, so as to free the hands for other uses, such as stimulating one's anus, while using the pelvic thrust method to achieve ejaculation with this device.

It is also recommended by some, to use other devices at the same time, such as a butt plug or nipple clamps. The free hands are then supposed to further stimulate the person, by being able to more adequately play with those additional toys.

Due to it size, some feel uncomfortable in its use, as it cannot directly apply added pressure to the inserted penis. Some suggest removing the inner sleeve, for increasing direct pressure to the penis as it is moved in and out of the device.

Noteworthy: The device, used for Women, currently is offering seven varieties of the device, in which the inner sleeve is replicated from the actual vulva of several female porn stars.

The device, for homosexuals, is known as a Fleshjack, was launched in 2007.

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