Form of BDSM play, that actually places fire on the skin, though not actually 'burning' the flesh, but creating the illusion of being burnt.



The application of flame to a subjects flesh, either with the intent of actually scorching the skin, or of simulating burning. It can include the application of applying hot materials to the submissive's body, by the use of wax, oils, or even utensils such as bowls, cups

Fire Play, when properly administered, does not necessarily leave any tell tale marks on the body. There might the odd mark, that can remain for a few days. It can also be used to 'brand' a submissive, as in the S/m community.


Bouncing - Using batons or such similar items, they are lit and applied to the 'submissive' at various parts of the body. This can also involve where the submissive has a burning agent applied to their body, so that the touch of these batons will set them alight.

Cupping - To heat up a cup, so that the air inside is heated, then turning the cup upside down, placing it on the cool skin of the submissive. (Placing cotton swaps or balls on the skin, soaked in alcohol, then the hot cup is placed quickly over it, is another form.)

Also, the cotton balls soaked in alcohol can be set alight, and then the cup is quickly placed over it.

These methods help create a vacuum, that draws the skin upwards into the cup. It can leave red circular marks that can last for days. Application of this form of 'fire play' to one specific body area, repeatedly, can cause bruising, that can last for a much longer period.

Streaking - To coat the submissive's body with rubbing alcohol or some other flammable liquid, in a design or pattern. Then to set alight, while the dominant partner moves their hand over the flames, generally extinguishing the flames.

These methods are used to create 'fear' within the submissive, or/and to test their pain levels. The time in which the fire is allowed to burn without interruption is dependent on the material used, as well as the subject's desire for experiencing various levels of pain, fear.

Wax and other melted materials can also be used to simulate the whole 'burning experience'. This can include the dripping of hot paraffin (not beeswax) onto various body parts, including the penis, scrotum, rectum, or nipples.

The use of flammable products are dangerous, and if improperly applied, can cause severe burns to the body. Different materials also react differently to various extinguishing agents.

Practice (Associated Acts): Erotic Electro Stimulation is similar in that it applies a shock or jolt to the submissive, in place of fire, yet can cause burning, or a burning sensation, depending on the tool used.

Other meanings

Cupping was also believed to pre date Acupuncture treatment for some ailments. Some Asian Specialty Stores still have 'cupping sets' available.

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