The change of roles, in sexual activity, where one takes the place of a traditionally female role.



Anime and Hentai forms contain many instances of where a male is transformed into the female role, through the use of costumes.


The role where the male is not the dominant figure in the sexual activity.

From where one who normally would be the dominant force, in the sexual action, now becomes the passive.

In some instances, this involves in the 'male partner' assuming a feminine identity, or persona. It includes taking a more feminine name, such as Stephen to being Stephanie.

The use of clothing usually reserved for women, is also a part of Feminization practices.

Practice (Associated Acts):

In a man on man relationship, this would involve where the one who traditionally would be considered the Top ( the dominant partner), now assumes the role of the Bottom ( the submissive partner).


In most same sex partnering, there is one generally considered the dominant force, the man (in traditional sense) who is now suddenly assuming the role of the submissive, or female (in a traditional meaning).

Some instances of this type of fetish, or niche, is considered forced.

In some heterosexual relationships, where the male assumes the female's typical role, can include being anal penetrated.

This involves the woman donning a strap on dildo, and using it, as a man would use his penis.

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