Sucking on a penis for sexual pleasure and stimulation.



The act of engaging in the sucking of a penis, to arouse and stimulate the receiving partner, as part of foreplay or to achieve an orgasm for the receiving partner. Ejaculation is not a requirement of performing fellatio, and is considered a part of 'oral sex'.


In the Ancient Indian Kama Sutra, 'fellatio' was considered something practiced by Eunuchs, or effeminate males and not for the mainstream populace. Cunnilingus was barely discussed.

Tantric Yoga (Hindu Practice) the retention of fluid is important in order to achieve a form of spirituality, or 'nirvana'.

Fellatio was depicted in the ceramics of the Ancient 'Moche Culture' of Peru.

History (Legend): Fellatio is believed to have originated on the island of Lesbos, in which the woman practiced the art, so as to use the semen to whiten their teeth.


Similar to Oral Sex, however the ejaculation or achieving of an orgasm is not essential. It is also about the arousal of the other, and considered a preliminary stage in the sexual mating. It can include ejaculation.

In some circumstances, the act of fellatio is seen as being dominant over one's partner. Given the submissive nature of the act, it can generate a feeling of dominance over the person doing the sucking.

Noteworthy: Preeclampsia, a dangerous condition during pregnancy, is shown to be greatly reduced among couples who have practiced Fellatio, and is even further reduced in those who ingested the semen.

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