When both partners gain sexual gratification, pleasure, from the feeding and gaining of weight through over eating.



When both partners gain sexual gratification, pleasure, from the feeding and gaining of weight through over eating.


This is considered a Paraphilia, under the designation of Fetishization.


The main obsession, is with body fat. How one achieves that extra fat, is also part of the fetish. The pleasure is gained, from the act of eating, the distending of the stomach, the gains of rolls.

It differs from a Chubby Chaser, in that it applies to both partners, who achieve sexual arousal, gratification, from fat.In most instances, both partners to the relationship are overweight, while in a Chubby Chase scenario, one only need be overweight.This fetish can include the actual feeding of each other, for the sole purpose of helping them gain weight.

Some of the sexual attraction is the various folds of skin, that may cause erotic arousal within the other partner, or both even. This can include the rubbing of the penis within the folds of skin. Some are aroused by different folds, or loose hanging skin such as the arms, legs, or cheeks.

Practice (Associated Acts):

Some instances of this, is classed as abuse, as a party is forced to eat large quantities of food, to the point where they become immobile. Usually this includes a form of bondage, in which a person is tied up and forced to eat continuously. Many terms exist, for this fetish.

A 'Feeder' is one who achieves their pleasure, from helping to feed another person, so they can gain weight.

'Feedee' is one who enjoys having someone feed them, in their quest to gain weight.

On the other hand, a 'Gainer' is one who chooses to gain their weight, by their own hand, without help.

'Encourager' is one who supports one in their desire to add to their weight.

'Maintainer' is one who supports the 'weight gaining' group, and may actually add weight of their own, in support.

On the opposite side, is the 'Appreciator' who may voice their admiration of those gaining weight, but who has no intention of joining in the process. In the less enlightened circles, 'gainer' and 'encourager' are considered to be homosexual terminology. It is rare, and actually makes little sense in the overall picture of the fetish.


The National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance [NAAFA] objects to this type of fetish, claiming that in most instances, it is not consensual. They claim that a great deal of coercion is used to add to the weight, rather than to accept their largeness, as it is. Stuffing is a term used, for when one becomes aroused by another, in which they eat to the point where the stomach actually extends itself.

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