Ejaculation of male sperm on the face of another or referring to the treatment of caring for one's face.



The application of various treatments to maintain the skin tone and texture. Usually performed in a commercial setting, such as a Spa or Beauty Salon.

Generally the act of a man cumming onto the face of another person, at the conclusion of oral sex or other sexual activities.

The final visual shot in the production of a porn video or show. Generally to indicate the end of that scene or show.

* Does not always involve the recipient taking the sperm, cum, orally or with an open mouth.


[Porn] - The popularity of showing the cum shot, money shot, on a person's face was not the original version of the 'money shot' in pornography. In fact, it was generally the belly or abdomen or the lower back of the other participant.

The rise of the 'facial' ending to a sex scene in video is considered to be due to the stimulation it creates. In some views, it illustrates the male dominance over their partner. Others will view it as being an act of ultimate humiliation to the recipient of the 'facial'.

There is no accurate record of when the 'facial shot' became more prominent, however it has led to specific niches in the adult industry, one of which is the 'bukkake niche'. (The act of several different people ejaculating on one specific partner)


Generally occurs at the completion of other sexual acts. Whether male or female participants are involved, the 'facial' is where the male performer, partner, ejaculates over his partner's face. This signifies the end of many adult video performances.

The usual 'money shot' is used as the climax of the recent action, and involves a close up of the penis ejaculating onto the face of another, with or without that person's open mouth. Even if open, not all of the sperm is directed into it.

In some venues, the cum is also spread across the face using the head of the penis, to further highlight the conclusion of the sex.

There is a 'dominance' factor in 'facials'. To some it signifies the male dominance, as applied in male to female facials. Some feminists object to such depictions of the man ejaculating, while the women is left unsatisfied.

Gay Sex seems to also follow that type casting, where in most instances, the 'top' is the one who generally is the giver of a facial. The 'bottom', the submissive partner rarely also provides a 'facial' to the top, but generally ejaculates onto their own belly.

The dominance is also suggested in that most 'facials' occur where the one is above the other, generally standing. The act also involves the giver masturbating for a bit of time, prior to the ejaculation. This is used to heighten the 'viewers' arousal.

Other meanings

[Porn] - In the videos, DVDs, this act generally signifies the end of a scene, however many do seek these shots out, for their own stimulation. Many find it as the ultimate arousal, to see another ejaculate. The concept being, that in watching it, it translates into their own arousal, and eventual orgasm.

This 'arousal' has led to the creation of specific membership sites in the Pornography Industry, that are specific to providing imagery of such activities. Many who subscribe to these sites, claim it is due to every 'facial' is different, has its own unique pattern.

This is due to the fact that no two ejaculations are identical in how they splash on the face, how much is shot, or to what degree. Thus each viewing of the cum shot is considered unique, adding to its stimulation quotient.

In some 'BDSM' type sites, it is used as an act of humiliation to the receiving person.

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