The act of sitting on another's face, exposing their genitals or anus for sexual stimulation.



Where one person sits on the other's face, to have either oral or oral-anal sex performed. Commonly known as 'kinging'


Where a person will actually sit on a person's face, exposing their genitals or rectum to the recipient, who will then perform a sexual service, such as fellatio', or 'rimming'.

Generally this is performed as part of a routine in a BDSM role playing session, though not necessarily. It involves the recipient to bear the weight of the other, while performing the sexual act.

It is supposed to signify a form of dominance over the person.

Practice (Associated Acts): A common wrestling tactic used by Professional Wrestler, in mixed matches. Usually it involves the female sitting on the male wrestler's face, showing dominance.

Noteworthy: Andre the Giant, from Professional Wrestling is believed to be the first to have used the move where they sit on the face of the defeated opponent, showing dominance.

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