The act of sitting on another's face, exposing their genitals or anus for sexual stimulation.
Ejaculation of male sperm on the face of another or referring to the treatment of caring for one's face.
fairy hawk
Slang for defining a decoy, that appears underage to entrap older persons, most notably gay men. Used more when Homosexuality was illegal.
Derogatory term used to describe a male, that is homosexual.
feed the dog
A slang term for one proclaiming they are going to the bathroom, to either urinate or defecate.
feed the dummy
Slang term used to denote a male having intercourse. Does not necessarily imply anal penetration or homosexual sex.
feed the fist
Another of many terms, denoting a person's need to masturbate, to achieve ejaculation.
When both partners gain sexual gratification, pleasure, from the feeding and gaining of weight through over eating.
The act of taking semen or other liquids, from a person's anus, then passing it on mouth to mouth.
Sucking on a penis for sexual pleasure and stimulation.
The masculine term (m) that refers to a person who engages in oral stimulation of another male's penis.
The change of roles, in sexual activity, where one takes the place of a traditionally female role.
A more effeminate gay male, but generally a more womanly lesbian, who is more likely a 'bottom'.
Having an irrational or unexplained preoccupation or preference for some object, in order to gain sexual arousal.
fifty nine
Typically a term used by Lesbians, for mutual cunnilingus.
The sexual act of inserting a finger, or multiple fingers into the rectum, to add stimulation, to aid in self masturbation.
fire play
Form of BDSM play, that actually places fire on the skin, though not actually 'burning' the flesh, but creating the illusion of being burnt.
The placing of one's entire hand into another's rectum, or in some cases, both hands, during sexual activity.
The word referring to the non-aroused state of the penis, before or after sexual activity.
Dated term, within the BDSM community, for those who whip themselves, or are into such practices. Useful term, though out of favour among many who practise it.
The act of whipping the body with various tools, such as whips, canes, and other solid objects.
A genuine arousal, sexually, due to flatulence (farting).
A sexual toy originally designed for sperm collection by a Police Officer, that is now used for masturbation.
A person who gets another ready for their performance.
foley catheter
A medical device, used in extreme sex role playing games, but mainly a medical device used to control the discharge of urine, from the bladder.
foot fetish
Sexual arousal attained through contact, worship of the foot of another person.
forced orgasm
In BDSM role playing, the act of making the submissive person achieve an orgasm, while they resist.
Engaging in the sexual arousal of another, prior to actually engaging in penetrative sex or in achieving an orgasm.
The skin that covers the cock head, when the penis is soft, not stimulated enough for erection.
foreskin piercing
The act of piercing the foreskin and inserting specialized jewelry.
Sexual interest, arousal by having small insects crawling or actually nibbling on one's self.
Engaging in consensual sex, between two persons who are both unmarried.
frat boys
Male members of a 'social' group on a college campus.
free play
When the main goal is the experiencing of pain, by both involved parties.
frenum ladder
The term referring to a combination of similar piercing, in the soft tissue or Frenum found in the Genital region.
The act of engaging in sexual contact, without actual penetration of the anus, but of still achieving orgasm.
fuck face
Basically where the Receiver (the one being sucked) sits on the Giver's chest, and places their penis into the mouth, and does most of the work in getting themselves off.
A fetish, where one dresses in the garb of their favorite animal, and acts out in character to the creature they are dressed as.
A form of Hentai or Manga where the central character has exaggerated body parts, that resemble both sexes, but in which the body is more female in appearance, than male.