Exhibitionists are people who enjoy showing their breasts, buttocks or genitals in public.



Exhibitionism is the desire or need to display genitals or buttocks or, in the case of females, breasts. In many cases, exhibitionists find erotic stimulation or gratification by showing bodyparts that are usually kept hidden. Some exhibitionists enjoy masturbating in front of people or having sex in front of other people.


Exhibitionism can be done for attention or to shock others, as well as for erotic gratification. Streaking and wearing tiny bathing suits or see-through clothes can express a form of exhibitionism. Girls or guys who flash other people with a quick glimpse of their genitals or butts for fun are engaging in exhibitionism. Many web amateurs get naked or have sex on their websites for personal gratification. More recently, the UK practice of dogging involves inviting random voyeurs to come and watch exhibitionists having sex outdoors.

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