Achieving a sexual arousal, ejaculation, while limiting the flow of oxygen to one's brain.



Achieving a sexual arousal, ejaculation, while limiting the flow of oxygen to one's brain.


Today's highly risky act of oxygen deprivation for the purpose of achieving an extreme orgasm, was first used back in the early 1600's to treat patients with erectile dysfunction.

No blue pills for them.

It was noted back then, that when male's were hanged, that they achieved an erection, which also lasted, even when they had been pronounced dead.

In some instances, of observing these hangings, ejaculate was also noted to occur.

It is these observations, that may have lead to the use of this method, in treating men with erectile problems, back then.


Various methods exist, on how this is done.

However the key is that one constricts the throat, on both sides, where the main arteries carrying blood to the brain are located.

This DANGEROUS practice, leads to a light headedness, a sense of euphoria, that combined with masturbation orgasm, increases the heightened sense of that orgasm, and light headedness.

Given that the primary goal is to restrict the flow of oxygen to the brain, items like plastic bags, ligatures (rope, ties) are handy readymade tools.

Practice (Associated Acts):

While the entire practice is considered dangerous, auto erotic asphyxiation is considered the most dangerous of the procedure.

This is due to there not being someone in attendance, to aid in the event of going too far, or of complications arising.

NOTE: Excessive oxygen deprivation can lead to severe brain damage, if not death itself.

Other implements, such as gas and volatile solvents are used to achieve the restriction of oxygen to the brain, and are not only dangerous for that itself, but for ancillary risks such as fire, explosions, etc.

Rapid chest compressions is another method used by some, to achieve oxygen deprivation.


In 1995, it was noted that, in the United States, anywhere between 250 to 1000 deaths were attributed to Erotic Asphyxiation.

One of the first recorded deaths, from Erotic Asphyxiation, was composer Frantisek Kotzwara in 1791

This form of eroticism, has been listed as a Paraphilia, mainly due to it meeting the criteria that it provides a lethal risk to the participants.

It has been noted, that the loss of oxygen, and the increase of carbon dioxide are what leads to a state of giddiness, of light headedness, and pleasure, that in turns heightens the feelings, while masturbating.

Many accidental deaths, due to Erotic Asphyxiation, have been called Murder, when another has been present

It has also been mistakenly labeled as Suicide, when no witness was present.

This has led to where parents of teenage victims, have compromised the death scene, to avoid the stigma of their child being labeled a suicide.

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