Anime, for computer games or for video based on popular Hentai stories, themes.



A blending of two words, to mean an anime video or computer game, that is based on the Hentai concept.

Most often used in North American / European countries as "H Games or Hentai Games".

Usually has an erotic theme or story line, in the tradition of Hentai.


Originally developed in the 1980's as a way to garner market share for Japanese Computers, the eroge was a way to attract customers.

Early stories centered around rape themes.

Prices for early games, eventually led to further development of eroge, including interactive games, in the late 1980's and early 1990's.

Most Eroge still markets itself as being erotic, or sexually explicit, however the romance component has been more developed, and incorporated into many modern Eroge.


There are several types of Eroge.

Most of Eroge is SIMS or visual novels, there are many other forms, that include the erotic component, or romance component found in Hentai.

More modern versions, incorporate the romantic aspect, as a prelude to being able to advance to the more sexual eroticism, of the story, or simulation.

Practice (Associated Acts):

Many ordinary computer games, like RPG, that include an eroticism component, or feature, are also considered to be Eroge.

Conditioning Games are where as one performs certain sexual acts, their stats improve or depreciate.


There is a version, that incorporates live chat, with 2 D animation.

Usually live chat, with very explicit anime provided.

Most sex simulators, are based or use Eroge, to provide the story line or theme.

Many of these simulators are rendered in 3D.

Other meanings

More common games, like Poker, Mahjong, Chess, and even Blackjack can be Eroge, when a 'strip version' is included.

There are also various puzzles, with the Hentai component, that fall under the general category, Eroge.

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