The arousal of a male's penis, nipples, from its normal state to one of firmness.



When the protruding flesh of the breast becomes enlarged, or firm, due to stimuli, usually sexual in nature.

The stiffening of the penis, due to the rushing of venal blood through the two tubular structures within the penis. Usually as a result of stimulation of a sexual nature.


Erection of the penis, is controlled from the Automatic Nervous System and is not always controlled by conscience thought. An erection is a body reaction to various stimulants, such as an attractive person, pornography, thoughts of sex, or even smell and sounds.

The erection can just as easily disappear, if the stimulant is suddenly removed, or ignored. An erection is the beginning, and end of one's sexual arousal. Generally, erections do end, after ejaculation, though it can last well after the orgasm, depending on the length and thickness of the penis itself.

Artificial stimulation, such as pharmaceuticals can increase one's erection time, but can be considered harmful if the erection remains for any length of time.

Nipple Erection occurs also from sexual stimulants. It is an early form of sexual arousal in males, due to the release of oxytocin. Unlike the penis, the nipple erection is due to the contraction of smooth muscles beneath the nipple, controlled by the autonomic nervous system. The penis relies on erectile tissue, which fills with blood, causing the swelling and erection.

Cold Temperatures can also have an impact on nipple erections.

Touching, visual images, scents, or application of oils can all lead to an erection. This can also include mechanical stimulation, which can also be blocked by the Cortex, preventing an erection despite mechanical stimulants, or other stimulants.

Practice (Associated Acts): Intercourse is dependent on the erection of the male penis, as are other sexual acts. This includes the ability to propel the semen from the testes, which generally requires an erection. It can be done, through prostate milking, without an erection or orgasm.

Noteworthy: Erectile Dysfunction is generally associated with cardiovascular leakage, and Diabetes. It effects the ability of the body to keep the blood rushing and enlarging the tubular structures within the penis.

Erect Penises can take on different shapes, and angles. The angle can be most pronounced in some cases, which can cause extreme physical distress. Peyronie's disease is the term, which is where the penis has a most pronounced curvature when erect, but can be cured with medications, or surgery. This curvature is tight, and very pronounced.

Many erect penises can be angled, or protrude at anywhere from 45 to 90 degrees.

Other meanings

Erections can occur due to a full bladder, or throughout the day or night, from other naturally occurring stimulants. Most notable is the erections that occur during REM sleep.

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