An enema ntroduces liquid into the rectum and colon through the anus.



An enema generally uses a rubber or plastic bag with a hose tipped with a nozzle to inject liquids into the anus. Enemas can be done for medical reasons, often to help stimulate bowel movements, and are also common as an erotic fetish. Some people use enemas to introduce alcohol, medication or even caffeine into the bloodstream.


An enema is often considered erotic as warm water or other liquids can impart a warm feeling in the anal/genital area. Also the feeling of another person manipulating the anus can be very intimate. Enemas are also common in BDSM as they can be used as humiliation or to add an erotic feel to medical fantasies and role playing. Enemas, also referred to as high colonics, became popular in the 1980s as a way to cleanse oneself internally. Offices featuring high colonics began to appear in many areas, particularly those where new age and extremely health conscious people were to be found. May people prefer to have an enema before anal sex in order to keep feces from coming in contact with the penis or seeping from the body during anal intercourse. In pornography, anal sex on video is generally preceded by an enema as preparation.


A rubber or plastic bad, called an enema bag, is filled with liquid. The bag has a long hose ending in a smaller tip or nozzle. This is generally lubricated and then slid into the anus, far enough to keep from coming out. Liquid is then released through the hose and enters the rectum and colon through the anus.

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