A chemical created within the body, naturally, that helps to achieve a feeling of euphoria, or pleasure.



Certain actions will generate a response, within the body, that will create a chemical action, which when released, alters the mental state of the person.

This heighten state of euphoria, is generated by the release of a chemical compound, that is considered a natural pain reliever.

Other chemicals can help enhance the state created by the natural endorphins, or its feeling of euphoria.

Endorphins also are pain blockers, which accounts for why many who suffer a trauma, will shortly feel the pain less.


The term refers to a chemical action, rather than to any actual chemical, that is created by the body.

Formed from the words 'endogenous' and 'morphine' that are shortened to 'endo' and 'phine'.

Endo refers to a result within the body, while 'phine' implies a morphine like result.

Used together, refers to a morphine like substance created by the body.

First discovered by 2 separate groups, in 1975.


Achieving an orgasm, will cause a release of endorphins within the body, that help accentuate the pleasure, diminishing any associated pain.

When one strikes that special spot, deep within the rectum, the pain of penetration can result in the sudden release of endorphins, generating, or accentuating, the euphoria or pleasure that occurs.

Practice (Associated Acts):

In many instances extreme pain can cause the release of endorphins, that will generate a euphoric state of pleasure.

Endorphins are pain relievers, similar to the effect of the narcotic, Morphine.


Beta Endorphins, are believed to have about 80 times the potency of morphine.

Endorphins are released into the blood, spinal column, and brain, which is believed to explain the potency of the self made drug.

Other benefits include boosting of the immune system.

Additionally, it is believed to slow down the growth of cancerous cells within the body.

There is some controversy, as to whether the exercise or extreme physical activity is what causes the release of endorphins or if it is the satisfaction of achieving the goal of the physical activity, such as running, a prolonged exercise routine, creates.

Adding to the confusion of whether a runner high is real or not, is a study by researchers in Germany, in 2008, that claims it is real.

Some claim that such a 'high' can actually be dangerous to one's health, as it creates a false impression of euphoria, that will cause the subject to push their bodies limits even more, risking the body.

Some hot chili's have been known to cause a release of endorphins, which is believed due to the presence of Capsaicin in the chili's.

Other meanings

Hard exercise routines can also cause the release of endorphins.

This is due to the pain generated, by the repetitive use of muscles, in their stretching, their tensing, which causes pain receptors to activate, which in turn causes the body to combat it, with endorphins.

Usually referred to as 'Runner's High' but is also associated with other physical activities.

Swimming, football, baseball, and other sport activities can generate a sort of high, which is basically the body generating endorphins, to block pain.

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