A sub culture of the Punk Music scene, EMO is a less violent musical form, of Punk, that has evolved into a lifestyle.



Originated as a music genre, within the Punk Rock genre, that evolved into a form of sub culture, just as Punk Rock evolved.

From around the 1980's hardcore punk rock, as a sort of objection to the violence that had become associated with some Punk Rock.

Further evolved to include a particular fashion, in both hairstyle and dress.

To some, it further evolved into a fake or altered identity, that is semi based on the darkness of the Goth scene.


While the main focus of Emo is a music genre, the evolution into fashion and identity, has become more of what identifies those who are enamored by this genre.

Within the teen sub culture, the fashion is generally wearing of tight fitting jeans, sometimes in bright colors.

T-Shirts or short sleeved shirts usually accompany such pants.

These shirts are also tight fitting, usually with an Emo band name emblazoned across it.

Like any sub culture, it seems that hair fashion plays a significant part in providing the distinction.

Emo's will wear their hair in long side swept bangs, that cover one eye, if not both.

Additionally, some of the styles involve long straight dyed hair, usually black.

Bright vivid color highlights to one side is another popular Emo hairstyle trait.


Practice (Associated Acts):

It is all in the accessories, as well.

For males, this usually means footwear like converse runners or skate shoes. (Vans being a popular model)

Wearing of studded belts, and black wristbands are common accessories for the Emo.

Many male Emo's will also add black horned rimmed glasses, whether needed or not.


Some call this a 'fad' more than anything.

Others have associated it with some personality traits, such as having an increased display of emotion, of being more sensitive or of appearing to be shy, being introverted.

Opponents believe this is more of an act, rather than sincere personality changes.

Additionally it has been tied to one being depressed, morose, and even suicidal.

Self Injury has also been an associated trait of Emo's.

Among some of this sub culture, cutting has become a badge of honor, or accepted practice. (cutting referring to the scarring of the body, by cutting with a razor or other sharp object.)

Other detractors of this culture, claim that it is gender biased.

That it does not treat woman as equals, but as objects of desire, or more typically as muse's or heartbreakers.

The music, being male dominated, may give cause to such assumptions, but may not be accurate.

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