Stimulating the genital region electrically with low voltage, generally in BDSM activities.



The attachment of electrodes to various body parts, specifically the genital region, then inducing a low voltage current to those regions, to stimulate / shock the muscles. Used to increase sexual arousal, generally used in BDSM sexual encounters.

The jolts are not constant, but done in short bursts.


Use of electric stimulation or shock derives from the entertainment value of electrocution, with the invention of the Electric Chair by a scientist at the Thomas Edison Laboratories. This form of entertainment was taken on the road, where it would electrocute animals for the crowds entertainment.

The US Government then adapted it's use in dealing with Murder's or other Criminals. It became the main form of Execution, other than hanging, until deemed 'cruel and unusual punishment' by the Supreme Court.

In he 1950's a device called the Relaxacizer was developed the provided muscle stimulation while the person was actually at rest. These devices still are in Medical use today, referred to as EMS

Some experimented with using these devices and subsequent medical TENS for erotic pleasures, but not until the 1980's was a device built specifically for such an application.

EMS refers to Electronic Muscle Stimulation

TENS refers to Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation


Erotic Sensual - Mild stimulation to various sexual organs or spots by attaching an electrode or attaching a power source to an object that then generates mild electric shocks or jolts to that area. This can include attachment to such things as cock rings, butt plugs, or direct attachment to nipples, scrotum, penis, etc.

A non silicon based lubricant is necessary to avoid possible burns. This is a risk sex act, in where it is necessary to use proper equipment, where the electrical charge is well regulated. There are commercial units made specifically for erotic or BDSM use, however the risk of electrical shock causing heart failure is still present.

The mild jolt, shock, can be controlled with proper equipment, and erotic stimulation is generally considered to be more about pleasure than anything else.

BDSM - Usually the person is under restraint. The electrodes are attached, again using proper lubrication, however the goal is not to provide small sensual shocks, but to cause pain. This 'high risk' sex act is used in the more extreme BDSM acts.

Water Based Lubricants are the preferred lubricant, all though olive oil is widely used for its lack of drying out. Epidermal burning can still occur, specially when improper lubricants or too little lubrication is used.

Practice (Associated Acts): To induce urination, defecation, or to cause an erection.

Noteworthy: Electrodes are generally made from metals such as gold, silver, stainless steel and aluminum. Nipple application is controversial, as some in this 'fetish' are not convinced of the safety of such practice.

Electrodes are the device that delivers the charge to the various sexual spots.

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