The use of electrical devices to stimulate or shock certain parts of the body, for erotic pleasure in BDSM sex play.



The idea of using electrical current, in one's sexual play, either for stimulation or shock value.

Generally associated with BDSM sex, in which one uses the electrical current as a means of control, of punishment, associated within the more SandM portion of BDSM sex.


Use of electricity was also first demonstrated in the 1950's which led to the design and adoption of the Electric Chair.

Use of electro stimulation was first used in a medical application, used to stimulate muscles, to relax them.

In the 1970's people used homemade devices, built on the principles of the Medical units, for erotic stimulation.

But it was in the 1980's that devices were built, designed for sexual applications.

The two most noted are the Titillator and Pleasure Box (later called the PES Power Box)



The basic concept is to place an electric current through the body, at specific points. There are several methods, some that can be lethal.

The principle such as used in Stun Guns is the same.

It is the discharge of a current, in varying intensity, that creates the feelings or sensations.

TENS ( Therapeutic Electro-Neural Stimulation ) or EMS ( Electrical Muscle Stimulator ) are commonly used for muscle relaxation. They generate a pulsing electrical charge, to specific muscles points, or body parts such as on the back.

These emit a current, of varying degrees, in a pulsing action, that sends a charge into the point. Pads are used, to avoid burning, and the devices contain user controls, to vary the pulsing action, as well as the level of current being supplied.

Note, that any device will have variable settings, including a feature 'continuous' which shouldn't be selected.

Attaching the contacts to say about 3 inches below the groin, on the inner thigh, then the other around the ankle is considered a good beginning point.

Always start off at low power settings, and variable settings. Adjust slowly, playing with the various settings to achieve maximum pleasure.

Note as well, that ideal placement is slightly placed beyond where the muscles join to joints and tendons.

Wands on the other hand, produce a lower jolt level.

Practice (Associated Acts):

Violet Wands are devices that discharge static electricity, and are more effective when placed near the body, rather than directly in contact with it.

Usually these devices incorporate use of electrodes, or other attachments on the body, to discharge the electricity to that spot.

Body Piercing Jewelry can be such a conductor, but care needs to be taken, as piercing jewelry can heat up quickly, and cause burning.

Wands are variable, in that you control the settings, to regulate the discharge of electricity.

Most Wands are for use above the waist, as the discharge of electricity is considered minimal, in producing electrical risk to the various organs, and heart.

These devices are used as 'shock' type effects.

A wand output increases the closer it comes to the electrode.

Placing a wand, near a nipple piercing [for example] would create a sensation that can be stimulating, depending on the current levels being allowed to pass.

Direct touching of the wand to the skin, can lead to burning, or to a redness.

Using all metal electrodes, instead of glass, creates a more intense spark, or shock.

Anal and Genital stimulation is usually done through use of a TENS machine, which involves the placement of electrodes on or within.


Most of these devices, TENS and WANDS are for stimulation purposes, rather than causing pain.

The sensations created can produce a form of pleasure, when properly used, which means insuring that the current being passed, is not overly high.

In the 1970's and 1980's, Chicago Police detectives, under Jon Burge are alleged to have used these devices, to torture suspects, to gain information of criminal activities.

It is a popular misconception, that violet rays (wands) produce ultraviolet light.

Fact is, that the glass electrodes filter and block most of the rays created by the arcing.

However, the arc outside the electrodes, does generate nitrogen oxide, and ozone, that can ignite flammable materials, especially if held in place for any prolonged period of time.

This also can cause burning, or create a sun burned effect on the skin.

Other meanings

Shock Therapy, a discontinued practice, used various electrical methods, such as the TENS units, to administer the shock treatments.

Violet Rays (wands) are also used in Hair Salons, for stimulation of the scalp.

The low discharge of electricity is supposed to aid in the growth of hair, dislodging of follicles etc.

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