Extreme sexual role playing, where pain and humiliation is inflicted to a higher degree than normal BDSM levels or accepted use levels.



Where consenting partners push the limits of what is considered 'safe, sane, consensual' (SSC) standards for sexual gratification.

This type of role playing can include direct physical harm, as well as mental harm to the persons involved. It can lead to where a person is put to limits of their endurance, such as in 'breath play' or other similar acts.

It can include humiliation such as scat, but can have mild physical activities, while pushing the limits on verbal dialogue, such as constant racial slurs, and other potentially harmful verbiage.

The risk to one's life is dramatically increased during 'edge play' which has led to serious physical injury, and even death.


A constantly evolving scenario, where at one point actions involved in 'edge play' were considered too extreme, are now considered part of the normal BDSM culture. Scat is such an example, where at one point it was disregarded totally in the 'BDSM' community, but is now openly discussed, as well as practiced.

What is today's extreme activity, is tomorrow's norm.


Extremely subjective, as it is based on a personal view. Edge Play is also a dangerous pushing of limits, as it involves the potential of physical and mental harm to the parties involved, even when consensual.

See Breath Play - Basically the pushing of limits of denying one party the ability to freely breathe. [HIGH RISK]

Gunplay - the use of an actual firearm into the sexual game. Mostly, this is to generate a sense of fear, to create a sort of climate where the bottom (submissive) is made to believe that their life is in actual danger, if they don't perform as instructed.

In most instances, the firearm is unloaded, however it is not always the case.

Blood Play - Involves the actual spilling of blood. In some instances, it is more ritualistic, than in causing a person to bleed, though that also can be part of the activity. [HIGH RISK]

This can include 'cutting' in which the submissive is actually cut, to induce blood flow, but in a 'punishment' type scenario or to further simulate that they are at risk, to generate 'fear', so as to heighten their sexual experiences. It is also a 'high health risk'.

The primary role is to push the limits of both parties, while still attempting to maintain a safe environment. However, this is dependent on the experience of those involved, as well as to what limits they wish to go to.

Some of the more involved scenes will included more physical risks, however most 'edge play' involves extreme humiliation both physically and verbally. The risks of such heightened verbal abuse can lead to serious mental disorders, or perceptions.

Incest and Rape scenarios are more likely to be involved in this 'role playing' that can include simulation kidnappings, simulated child rape, when 'age play' is included, and taken to a more extreme level.

Primary goal is to achieve sexual gratification through the fear, and risks, that this practice generates.

Noteworthy: Despite the 'consensual' nature of this type of sexual role playing, it can still be considered 'illegal' in many communities. There is also a higher risk of causing actual health problems, such as the transmission of various diseases, no matter the safety measures used during such 'games'.

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