Term used to reference a body piercing, located on the bridge of one's nose.
early withdrawal
The withdrawal of the penis, prior to ejaculation, either anal or vaginal.
A language associated specifically with African Americans, or those of African descent. A form of English slang, specific to the African American culture.
A term referring to the color of skin of the performers, or actors, or niche. Is not exclusive to African Americans, but can also include men whose skin color is darker than Caucasian, such as those from Jamaica.
Enforced Chastity, mainly in reference to BDSM. This is when the submissive is denied the ability to have an orgasm.
edge play
Extreme sexual role playing, where pain and humiliation is inflicted to a higher degree than normal BDSM levels or accepted use levels.
The actual discharge of semen from the penis, during stimulation, or during sleep. Refers to the discharge process, with 'ejaculate' referring to the liquid that is discharged.
A speciality device, used to stretch rubber bands, for placing over an object.
electric play
The use of electrical devices to stimulate or shock certain parts of the body, for erotic pleasure in BDSM sex play.
Stimulating the genital region electrically with low voltage, generally in BDSM activities.
The big ouch, for a guy. It is the removal of a male's genitals, making him, well unable to perform as his penis and/or testicles.
The sexual attraction, arousal to vomit.
emo boys
A sub culture of the Punk Music scene, EMO is a less violent musical form, of Punk, that has evolved into a lifestyle.
A chemical created within the body, naturally, that helps to achieve a feeling of euphoria, or pleasure.
An enema ntroduces liquid into the rectum and colon through the anus.
english guidance
A term used to describe a form of BDSM play, most notably mild SM.
english method
The sexual practice of rubbing one's penis between another's closed thighs.
english sentry
Slang term used to describe an erection.
english vice
Slang term used to describe S&M practices.
The term in which an adult male is attracted to a younger male, in the mid to high range of an adolescent.
The arousal of a male's penis, nipples, from its normal state to one of firmness.
Anime, for computer games or for video based on popular Hentai stories, themes.
erogenous zones
The part of the body, that when touched in a special way, create a sexual arousal in the receiving person.
erotic asphyxiation
Achieving a sexual arousal, ejaculation, while limiting the flow of oxygen to one's brain.
erotic stories
Written works, such as novels, stories, memoirs, that arouse the reader sexually, whether they are fiction or not.
A depiction in some art form, where the depiction is sexually arousing to the viewer.
A term to describe someone who photographs, produce, or an expert, specialists, in the field of porn.
Having an abnormal sexual attraction to a stranger, to a person unknown.
Term used by Shrinks to describe those who have negative feelings about sex, have guilt for even thinking sexual thoughts.
Exhibitionists are people who enjoy showing their breasts, buttocks or genitals in public.
express queen
A homosexual male, that includes cruising for sex, while also hitchhiking. Someone who will trade sex for a free ride.
extramarital sex
When one spouse, goes outside of their marriage for sexual relations, with a third party.