A special place, usually in a basement, that is equipped to provide the necessary tools to engage in assorted sexual activity, based on BDSM play.



An area or room set aside for BDSM role playing, that generally includes specialized furniture or apparatuses for use in the 'role playing.'

These 'areas' are not always dark, dingy, or modeled after Dungeons made popular in many old time movies. They can be modernized, depending on the user's preferences.

Easy accessibility to various BDSM Toys are generally found in these 'areas'.

Some active communities (BDSM) can host a dungeon as well, under supervision of those trained in proper safety practices of the BDSM Culture.

There are also 'public' dungeons, run usually by a Dom For Hire, or available for various 'Club' members to use.


What makes a Dungeon can be as simple as a place where one can be restrained, or confined. A cage in a spare bedroom, could allow for the 'room' to be termed as a Dungeon.

There are also more elaborate forms, where a specific décor is used, which can be modeled after ancient dungeons, or medical examination rooms even.

Specialized tools, furniture is generally kept in these premises, for use in the sexual role playing.

A standard mix of restraints, such as cuffs, rope, whips, paddles, are generally found in Dungeons. As is a way to use them.

This can be from a table, a bed, a cage, to even rings in a wall.

Practice (Associated Acts): In some BDSM Communities, they share a 'communal' dungeon setting, which can be a converted house, warehouse space, or such.

In these instances, there can be several 'cells' for use by guests and/or members of the community.

Usually, there is a group in charge, who will also provide a 'safety officer' or 'dungeon master' to insure that the rules of the community are respected, and enforced.

This person is usually well trained in the various tools of the trade, as well as the safe use of them.

While these can be called 'public' they are generally restricted to use to 'members only' rather than allowing just anyone in off the street to use the facility.

Some of these 'member dungeons' will have various themed rooms, to cater to the various tastes for its club members. This can be from a décor of a medical room, to a prison setting, to a typical medieval dungeon.

Noteworthy: Specialized, even custom, manufactured items can be installed in these areas. This can include tables, types of restraints, cages, shackles, and more.

It is a lucrative business, as the BDSM Community becomes more established in various regions.

Other meanings

Many 'clubs' that cater to the BDSM Community will also have space set aside, for play for their members. The play at these 'clubs' may be less extreme than at home or at private run centers, though not always.

Again the general public is generally restricted to access of these facilities, for obvious reasons.

Professional Dungeons generally are owned, operated, by those who hire out as Dominants, or Masters. They can be singly owned, or as a co operative, where a group of Dominants share expenses, and obligation, so as to satisfy their customer needs.

Similar to a Brothel, in that it is sex for hire, done under a house type setting, or in this case, dungeon setting.

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