Dominiation refers to having control or authority over persons, things or situations.



Domination refers to having power or mastery over others, particularly in BDSM and D&S relationships and sessions. A dominant or Master has domination over his submissive, submissives or slaves because they have given him authority to use. Depending on the level of submission and domination, this can mean different things in different situations or relationships from the ability to tell a submissive to do sexual things to the authority to make virtually all decisions for a live-in slave.


Domination is often practiced in dungeons as the power to control a partner or partners by bondage, verbal commands or gestures. A very dominant man may find it easy to contol or dominate a partner simply by using the right words and an authoritative tone of voice. In some relationships, domination is not used in BDSM or D&S situations but rather in every day life where the submissive partner may have abrogated personal responsibility of his own life and decisions to the dominant partner. Some find dominiation to be an exercise of personal power where others find it more sexual in nature.

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