The more traditional sex position, where the Receiver is on all fours, while being penetrated by the Giver. Many variations exist of this particular style.



A position that has been found documented in ancient civilizations

In the Karma Sutra it is detailed as 'the congress of the cow'

Christianity however, frowns on this position, due to its relationship with the animal kingdom.

The Latin term for this position is " more ferarum "


Almost as popular as the Missionary position, though not as accepted by the more, religious organizations.

Very simple position where the Receiver (the one being penetrated) rests on all fours.

The hands are flat on the surface, the legs are resting on the knees, and the back is held in an upright position.

Imagine a three sided block, with the open end at the bottom.

The Giver (the person doing the penetrating) is in a kneeling position, directly behind.

Grasping the sides, by the hips/waist, they position themselves to direct the penis, into the open rectum.

The hands are used to help regulate the movement by the Receiver, to keep them in sync with their thrusting movement.

In most cases, the Giver's upper body is kept in a more upright position, not slouching over the Receiver.

Practice (Associated Acts):

Standing Doggie Style - More geared towards making it more comfortable for the Giver, this position is the same as the more traditional, doggie style, with a few variations.

The Receiver usually has their legs flat on the ground, not the knees.

The hands are usually resting forward, holding onto something, such as a chair.

The spreading of the legs, by the Receiver, allows for changes in the position of their derriere, so that penetration is easier, deeper, and more powerful.

As in the basic position, the Giver uses their hands on the Receiver's body (waist, hips) to control the Receiver's motion.

It is also a way to maintain their balance, during the thrusting portion.


In the world of heterosexuals, this position is preferred by males, more than females.

Women prefer the more intimate (face to face) contact, while Men enjoy the ability to penetrate deeper, and to achieve a more forceful thrusting rhythm.

However, many women who do try this position, and get used to it, do enjoy it immensely, as they achieve a greater feeling from the penetration.

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