Someone who pretends that they have a disability, or physical deformity for personal gratification, stimulation.



To pretend, or to act like they are actually disabled, while in public or even alone. To use various medical devices, to re-enforce the perception of being disabled themselves.


To actually pretend to be disabled, through various means, depending on the disability being mimicked.

This can involve the use of crutches, canes, wheelchairs, braces, and other medical devices used by Disabled Persons.

The concept being that one pretends to be disabled, or to have their partner do the pretending. This can also include a secret desire that if they do it for long periods of time, that they themselves may wind up being disabled.

Most 'pretenders' act out their 'imagined' disability over lengthy periods of time as well. There is a risk involved, as to make their acting realistic, it can involve restricting blood flow.

True Pretenders will dress and act like they truly are disabled, or at least how they perceive one will act. In some instances, they are known to actually follow true disabled persons, engage in discussion with them, in an effort to gain further insight for their own role playing, acting out.

Noteworthy: It is not something that has been highly studied, however it appears that in some disability chat rooms, many will fake being disabled, in order to gain the attention and attraction of those who are. There is a great deal unknown about what triggers such desires, such fantasies.

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