The sexual attraction towards those with various physical disabilities, such as amputees, lessened mobility due to illness.



Where a person becomes attracted to another who is incapacitated in some form or another. This can be simply limited mobility of their limbs or limb, to include the loss of a finger or toes, to the actual loss of all limbs.

It can also be about those who fantasize or prefer to actually be disabled themselves, believing it enhances their sexual attraction to others.

Primarily it is the attraction to one who is disabled in some form or another. It is very specialized, in that some who are attracted to a person with a deformed hand for example, would not be attracted to someone with a deformed foot.


'Foot Binding' found in Chinese Culture may be a form of attraction to disabilities.

The classic Vietnamese legend, Herodotus, may have some allusion to this. Many artists, sculptors, and photographers have highlighted the disable, in a manner that might be construed as them being devotees (DPW) of the disabled, finding beauty in their disability.

It has been regularly featured in Japanese Anime and Manga.

Early psychiatric thinking believed that such attractions were part of a secret sadomasochistic leanings, and some even believed it was a form of satisfying their latent homosexual feelings.


Devotee - this is one who is aroused by someone with a disability, who finds the disability, in whatever form it is, enhances the attractiveness of the person to them.

It does not mean they are attracted by ALL disabilities, just that which elicits the particular attraction.

Pretender - is a person who pretends to be disabled, to attempt to experience the feelings that a real disabled person might be feeling. This is a 'fantasy' type stage or category. They do not seek to actually be disabled, or even desire to actually be disabled, but wish to try and experience it, artificially.

Wannabe - is someone who wants to be in the same position as the disabled person they are attracted to. In this category, the person may appear normal but has a desire to actually be disabled, and in some rare cases will actually try to become disabled.

In many instances, DPW persons experience a high amount of guilt, for the idea of gaining pleasure at the expense of another's misfortune. Hence the subculture is kept well hidden, even though the Internet has helped in bringing it to light.

Practice (Associated Acts): 'ES - Electronic Surgery' is where a photograph or image is electronically doctored, of a healthy person, to simulate a disability, in an effort to project the attraction by Devotees. This is generally an online advent, that is borderline unethical.

It plays to the concept that many who are so attracted, is more of in a voyeuristic sense, than anything else.

Evidence to that exists, in that many DPW's will seek out random disabled persons, strike up conversations, to satisfy their cravings. In many instances candid photographs are also taken of unknown disabled persons, shared, to satisfy the desire to be with a disabled person.

Noteworthy: Kraft-Ebbing believed that a person attracted to a disabled person, an amputee, was that person showing a latent homosexuality, as he assumed devotees associated the stump as resembling phalli, making it a safe alternative to the real thing.

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