Using sexual language of a very descriptive kind, while engaged in sex with a partner, or while away, to set the mood.



Not to be confused with Cybersex, but a form of talking with one's partner, to get them into the mood, to heighten the mood, while actually engaged in intimate behavior.

While it can be commenced while apart, it is generally part of the foreplay procedures, during actual intimacy. It can be simply talking about how it feels to do a specific sexual act, or what will be done once the sex moves forward.

Usually done in a whispering tone.


It is usually done to set the mood, not necessarily during though it can be. It is that art of discussing the upcoming sexual acts, to detail what they like, don't like, in very graphic terms, used to stimulate, and arouse one's partner.

This can be done prior to the two parties meeting, hence its closeness to virtual sex. In some ways it is the same, though it usually is followed by actual sex between both parties, unless separated by distance.

Example, a partner being out of town, or such.

The primary goal is to arouse, both one's partner, and one's self, in which both parties engage in a verbal dialogue, using more graphic details, as well as words, to accomplish the arousal.

Soft tones are used, to heighten the naughtiness or risqué ness of the discussion. To make it seem more stimulating. Some consider it a form of negotiation, to determine what sexual activity will be allowed, or performed.

Noteworthy: Sex educators recommend it, as a form of establishing guidelines, of what is allowed and what is more pleasurable.

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