Having the desire to wear diapers, to engage in sex while wearing diapers.



An affinity to the wearing of diapers, either in everyday life, or when engaged in particular sexual activity, such as in the case of BDSM or role playing.

This is not to be mistaken for infantilism, which is one''s obsession or desire to be an infant. This is about the wearing of diapers, for sexual purposes, most notably during extensive BDSM role playing.


A practice of personal taste, as to how far one will go in this fetish.

In some, the wearing of a diaper is to further accent the domination of another over themselves. It is part of the Master / Slave relationship or domination aspect, that involves humiliation in the mix.

Basically, a person who loses control over their body functions, but would require someone else to aid in the clean up, is part of the humiliation aspect of being made to wear a diaper. It strengthens that aspect.

For some, the attraction lies in messing the diapers, in wetting them while engaged in other sexual activity.

There are some who become aroused by that practice, of wetting or soiling the diaper.

Just as some enjoy that aspect, there are some who simply use the diapers as a form of humiliation, and do not require any 'messing' of the diapers, which is a turn off to them.

It is about the fantasy, nothing more than that.

In longer sessions of BDSM, diapers may be used when normally they aren't used. It is an added 'shame' factor that is used to heighten the sex.

The type of diaper worn varies according to personal taste as well. From the more extreme rubber variety, to disposable diapers are used.

While the use of diapers is a form of sexual role playing, it should not be confused with Adult Baby Role Playing. That is a different group, where some prefer to act like a baby, including dressing as one, to further the fantasy. Not what is expected in a BDSM type of role playing fantasy.

Practice (Associated Acts): Omorashi is a mainly a Japanese sub culture, in which a person gains arousal from another who has a full bladder and who at the moment of climax, releases such bodily fluids into a diaper.

It is the combination of relief and of embarrassment that is the driving force for this sub culture practice.

The relief of releasing the body fluids.

The embarrassment of having no ability to hide the bodily fluid release. Similar to BDSM, though far less extreme.

Noteworthy: Bodily fluids and excrement are considered hardcore sexual acts in Japan, though most Omorashi is considered tame in nature, and that actual nudity is not always shown. It is the release of the body fluids, its apparent release, that is the draw.

It should be noted, that most who are obsessed with diapers, are not into pretending to be children, or infants. They clearly are more into the diaper or the activity for which a diaper is required, more than they are into playing the role of an infant.

These “types” do not tolerate or attract pedophiles or other child molesters within their community, circle.

Other meanings

There is a distinction between AB's and DL's in that adult babies will be more into acting the part of a baby, although adult. Generally it is a characterization, and sexual involvement is usually non existent, as they keep true to form.

In short, as real babies don't engage in sex, neither would/should an 'adult baby'. It is more about the character than the sex. It is playing a role, true to form, only that the person playing the role is an adult.

Diaper Lovers on the other hand are about the attraction to the diaper, not the character who requires a diaper, such as a baby.

NOTE - There are some who require the use of diapers, due to medical conditions, that involve an inability to control their bladder or bodily functions. These persons are not associated with this fetishism.

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