Inability to cum, despite being sexually aroused, or the difficulty of having an orgasm, despite being fully aroused.



This is where the male is unable to achieve an orgasm during intercourse, or the inability to ejaculate without a great deal of stimulation from their sex partner.


Physical conditions can contribute to this condition, which can be remedied by various methods.

One such condition can be due the way a person masturbates. This can create a situation where the body is used to a certain angle, feel, while being brought to an orgasm, that changes with intercourse.

Using a different position, or means of penetration can help to alleviate that particular situation

Other issues, such as certain medical conditions can also lead to retarded ejaculation. Stroke, diabetes, are a few such occurrences, that can create this inability to cum.

Excessive use of alcohol and recreational drugs also can retard one's ability to cum and have a proper orgasm.

Prescribed drugs, mainly antidepressants, are other contributing factors, along with certain pelvic injuries.

Practice (Associated Acts): Delayed Ejaculation can be a double edged sword. While it is mostly a negative condition, it does have its benefits in that it increases the sexual acts, or furthers the needed time together, to have the sex culminate in sexual satisfaction.

The down side is that in order to achieve ejaculation and orgasm, more effort is expended, even if the one partner has already achieved their orgasm. It can add stress to the relationship, or partnership, resulting in less sex between them.

In some instances, delayed ejaculation can also be the result of stress, or other psychological issues. Fear of performing well, fear of not doing it right, can all lead to a lack of orgasm, or the requirement of added stimulation and or time.

Noteworthy: There are situations where a man cannot cum, or achieve an orgasm, no matter what. This can include masturbation by themselves, or even having never had even a wet dream.

In this circumstance, proper medical treatment would be required, which can include surgery. A proper exam by a urologist would determine what treatment would be suited, based on the abnormality found.

Other meanings

For those who can achieve orgasm, and ejaculation, but only when alone, most recommend sex therapy, through a qualified therapist. This is for those who aren't afflicted due to drugs, or some other medical condition, but is more psychological in nature.

Sex therapy can include simple techniques such as learning to masturbate in front of their partner, to then advance to having their partner masturbate them.

It is about breaking down the mental fear of performing with another, or in front of another person.

Some other instances can be a lack of romantic intimacy, and therapy can help both partners become more romantic, to further enhance the stimulation between the two.

In addition, frequent masturbation can lead to problems when involved with another person. The solution is to simply not masturbate for a few days prior to engaging in intercourse.

Another major cause can be how one views sex, itself. Having a good view, or opinion of engaging in sex, can go a long way to insure one can achieve a good orgasm, and not have difficulties.

Stress, weather external or internal, can create physical difficulties.

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