The piercing of the penis shaft, the pole itself, either in a horizontal or vertical manner.



To actually penetrate the penis shaft, and place a piece of jewelry through the opening, with the ends sticking out.

To run in a vertical manner, the term is Shaft Apadravya.

This refers to the jewelry running the same way as the penis shaft, towards the head of the penis, and towards the groin on the other end.

To run in a horizontal manner, the term is Shaft Ampallang.

This refers to where the piece of Jewelry runs cross wise, through the shaft of the penis where neither end is aimed at either the Head of the Penis nor the Groin area.


Shaft Ampallang can bleed during its piercing. This is normal, and if improperly done, can pierce central arteries, in which case the whole procedure has to be reset.

This 'failure' usually accompanies even more excessive bleeding.

Not for the squeamish as this procedure is usually done with the Penis in a state of full arousal. It is necessary for the Penis to be hard, so as to insure the proper length of the Jewelry does not pinch or cause undue distress later on.

If done while the penis is flaccid, it can rip, cause extreme discomfort.

As there is more blood flow during an erection, this procedure can be rather bloody.

Shaft Apadravya also has considerable blood flow during its procedure.

For both types, the general insertion, piercing, is done just below the penis head, however it can be done further back, towards the groin.

Noteworthy: The stated purpose is for added sexual stimulation, specially during intercourse. The motion of intercourse, causes the bars to also move within the skin, supposedly enhancing the feelings, stimulating the nerves within, more intensely.

IT should be noted, that this procedure of piercing is considered to be Extremely Painful.

Combined with the excessive bleeding associated with this type of piercing, it is not a highly popular form of piercing.

This piercing is not considered a Surface Piercing either, and risk of infection is greater as well.

Excessive Healing Time is required for these types of piercing. It can also limit one's sexual activity until properly healed, if not end it totally (for the healing time).

Good News is that it does not prevent the use of Condoms for intercourse, or if one adheres to safer sex practices.

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