When 3 or more persons engage in oral sex, at the same time, in a chain like appearance.



Where a group of people engage in oral sex, fellatio, in that all participants are involved in performing oral sex on another, as well as receive oral sex by another participant.

The coupling of all participants is required, so as to form a 'chain like' appearance.


This is where a group of people, engage in oral sex at the same time, so that in effect they create a chain like appearance.

An even number would be needed, in order to insure that the chain was entirely heterosexual, that being no person would be required to perform oral sex with a member of the same gender.

However, odd number heterosexual daisy chains exist.

Obviously, a homosexual daisy chain is not restricted to that concept, so that an odd number could be also considered a daisy chain.

Three participants is considered the minimal amount, some purists claim a proper daisy chain must have at least five participants.

Each person lays out, and forms a chain. To be connected, each person must be able to engage in oral sex with another, meaning that they can suck on another's penis, while having their penis also sucked on by a different person that the one they are doing.

The concept is simple, sex performed orally. All parties must be connected by the act itself.

Noteworthy: The definition is simply that the group of persons are involved in oral sex. In broad terms, if a group are engaged in mouth to anal sex (rimming) it would still fall under the definition of being a daisy chain.

There is suggestion that this form of sexual play is becoming common among teenagers, though the exact number of instances is unknown. There is even some who dispute its rise in popularity among teens.

It also refers to a complicated relationship pattern. This is where a group of people have sexual relations, over time, with the same people in a group, creating a chain, to where each person has had sexual relations, or relations, with one or more members of that group.

Other meanings

Computer Technology where a series of programs or hardware are connected together, in a chain sequence, so that if one ceases to work, it can restarted from that point.

An example would be to connect from one computer to a telenet or shell connection on another machine, that then connects to another machine.

In electrical wiring, a daisy chain is where a circuit is wired in a series, such as circuit a to b to c to d. Circuit A doesn't connect to Circuit D but is essential for circuit D to work, due to A being connected to B, and so on.

While a 'daisy chain' refers to a complete connection, where all parts link together, the wiring example does not complete a circle, like it does in the Sexual Act.

It can also be used to describe a type of lure for fishing, a series of knots, loops on a backpack, and more.

In the Military, when a series of mines are laid out so that when one is triggered, others are also triggered, it is referred to as Daisy Chaining.

For Parachute Enthusiasts, it applies to where a group of people jump from a plane, linked together. Only the last person leaving the jump plane is attached to a static line, that opens the chute. So in essence those before the last person, are in a free fall, depended on the last person to trigger the opening of the chutes.

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