Where one gets sexual pleasure from tears, sobbing, of another, or themselves. Notably though from others, in a BDSM context.
When engaging in Lesbian sex, in the face to face position.
An older male, who has a younger lover, generally considerably younger, though not always the case.
daddy bag
Refers to the sac, the scrotum of a man. Slang term.
daddy mack
Slang reference to someone who is the protector, and lover, of a Prostitute or group of Prostitutes.
Derogatory word, used by heterosexuals, to describe a homosexual male, or perceived homosexual.
daisy chaining
When 3 or more persons engage in oral sex, at the same time, in a chain like appearance.
A client for a prostitute. Also a romantic tryst or meeting between two people who are attracted to each other.
dead stick
What else, but a limp dick. A penis that is flaccid, or unable to maintain an erection upon arousal.
deep shaft piercing
The piercing of the penis shaft, the pole itself, either in a horizontal or vertical manner.
deep throat
When a person takes a penis, completely into their mouth and throat, up to the testicles, or even beyond.
The more polite term, for one who voids their bowels. In other words, one who poops, or craps.
Making a person's penis go limp, without achieving orgasm.
delayed ejaculation
Inability to cum, despite being sexually aroused, or the difficulty of having an orgasm, despite being fully aroused.
den of inquity
Usually a referral to a house of prostitution, or brothel. Mainly used by sanctimonious people, to describe a location, or place, that deals in sex for pay.
A sexual attraction, sexual arousal by trees.
The removal of hair, as a cosmetic procedure or as a apart of BDSM play.
Someone who lacks morals, values, or ethics.
desire discrepancy
When two people in a relationship, and one of them has a greater, or lower sexual desire for the other person.
A person who violates the cultural & social norms for behaviour in a particular society.
diaper fetishism
Having the desire to wear diapers, to engage in sex while wearing diapers.
dick doc
Military slang used to denote a medical officer who checks servicemen for venereal diseases.
dick drinker
Someone who prefers or enjoys oral sex, including swallowing the semen.
dig a ditch
Mainly a United States slang term, for anal intercourse. Usually used in reference to sodomy, as in anal penetration only, with two males.
Long tubular shaped object that is used for insertion into the rectum, for added stimulation, for replication of anal intercourse.
The sexual arousal from spanking or administering a form of corporal punishment.
dirty sanchez
The act of smearing a partner's fecal matter under the nose of the other partner.
dirty talk
Using sexual language of a very descriptive kind, while engaged in sex with a partner, or while away, to set the mood.
disability fetish
The sexual attraction towards those with various physical disabilities, such as amputees, lessened mobility due to illness.
disability pretenders
Someone who pretends that they have a disability, or physical deformity for personal gratification, stimulation.
Form of sexual role playing, where one person enforces rules through the use of pain and humiliation techniques.
Where one places the head of their penis into the foreskin of another, so that the two heads touch and rub.
dog play
A common role playing scene in BDSM, where the subject assumes the character of being a dog, either a puppy or full grown canine.
A British euphemism, for having sex in semi public places, like up on lookout ridge, being parked in a car in the woods, or also in viewing such activity. A sort of term, that encompasses exhibitionism, and voyeurism.
doggy style
The more traditional sex position, where the Receiver is on all fours, while being penetrated by the Giver. Many variations exist of this particular style.
Usually manga or novels, that are self published by amateurs, though professionals do use this form as well.
dolphin piercing
The genital piercing where there are more than one Prince Albert type of piercing on a penis head.
Dominiation refers to having control or authority over persons, things or situations.
The person who appears to be in charge, during sexual role playing, usually in a BDSM setting. Does not always imply the person on top, during intercourse.
double penetration
Double penetration, or DP, refers to being penetrated by 2 penises at one time.
double whammy
A great way to jack off your partner, who has a big whopper of a dick.
Where one injects a stream of liquid into the anus, usually with the purpose of cleaning the tract of fecal matter. Also used for self pleasure, of feeling the warm sensation of liquid within the anus.
Digital Rights Management software or software download protection program, used by many membership sites, download music and video sites.
The common reference to those who practice Dominance and Submission.
A special place, usually in a basement, that is equipped to provide the necessary tools to engage in assorted sexual activity, based on BDSM play.
dydoe piercing
The piercing from just below the head of the penis and upwards, through the ridge of flesh around the cock head.
A more masculine woman who is a Lesbian, who is considered to be more 'like a man' than some men.