The common term used to denote the ejaculate from a male's penis, technically known as Semen. Often spelled as 'come'.



Food energy in a typical ejaculate is about 0.7kcal (2.9kJ).

Most cum contains 150mg of protein, 11mg of carbohydrates, 6mg of fat, 3mg of cholesterol.

Also, it contains (on average) about 7% of the US RDA potassium, and 3% of the US RDA copper and zinc.

There are noted, rare instances, in which contact with semen, has led to an allergic reaction. Condom use generally alleviates this condition.

The British Secret Intelligence Service found that Cum (semen) made a good invisible ink for passing on information, something that most spies had a ready supply of.


Many cultures have different views on cum (semen) and how it is used, such as in pure self gratification methods, like Masturbation.

Some Pacific Cultures, consider Cum to contain the wisdom of their elders, so for a young warrior to ingest this fluid, is important to their growth, within the community.

Qigong and Chinese Medicine emphasize energy, and consider cum to be sexual energy, and that wanton masturbation is actual energy suicide.

It is their thought, that such energy is part of one's spirit, so its waste is wrong, as one should concentrate on storing up their energies.

Chinese refer to cum as 'jing'

Aristotle thought Cum was close to the optimum food source, served just right. It was this link, that also made him believe that it should not be wasted, by the young as it deprived the body of needed nourishment.

Even among some Gnostic Sects, Epiphanius noted that the Borborites drank Semen as being the Body of Christ.


There are lots of ways, for a person to cum. I think most know one or two.

Cum is actually an organic compound.

Most men will produce about 3.4ml per session (average), which is called the ejaculate.

Producing the ejaculate (cum) is called, what else, but ejaculation.

Orgasm is something else, that usually occurs alongside ejaculation.

Practice (Associated Acts):

Popular acts, like snowballing, creampies, felching, are all forms of ingesting cum, from one person.

Bukkake and Gokkun are where multiple partners help provide large quantities of cum, for one to ingest.

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