Being aroused sexually by watching another crush an insect, mammal, reptile or object.



To become sexually aroused, while watching someone crush either a small insect like a fly or worm or such. This includes small mammals, and reptiles as well as inanimate objects, like cans.


Crush Fetishism is believed to be a disorder, or a paraphilia, specially when carried to extremes.

History (Legend): In the fetish, the foot is idolized more than others, as the instrument used to inflict the act, and is held to high esteem in related films, tapes, and magazines of this fetish.


To have another person crush an object like a can, or an insect, small mammal, reptile. (Should be noted, the crushing of mammals and reptiles is illegal in many countries. Animal Rights groups protest the crushing of invertebrates as well, and laws vary from region to region)

This usually involves the heel on a boot, where the 'object' is stomped on, then ground onto the flat surface.

Other methods include sitting on the 'object' or even the use of the bare foot to 'crush' the 'object'.

Most who are aroused by this action, usually prefer things like cans, cigarettes, soft toys of animals, insects. Not a majority are aroused by the death of small animals (rodents usually) or of reptiles.

Practice (Associated Acts):

Hard Crush - refers to the actual sexual arousal, gratification, in witnessing the death of small animals and reptiles, by crushing.

Noteworthy: Crush Fetishists generally take a firm stand on the use of small animals and reptiles. Despite films, also known as 'animal snuff films' most 'crush fetishists' DO NOT promote the cruel killing of these small creatures, but instead may substitute soft toys or such.

Underground films of these painful deaths are banned in most countries, and where made for people's sexual gratification.

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