Fascination of men who are in law enforcement, such as Police, Prison Guards, and other law related agencies.



Cops is actually a slang term, referencing law enforcement types, such as sheriffs, constables, policemen, etc. However, it is also used to reference the preference of some for men in specific uniforms, as part of their 'fetish' for partners in uniform.

As a fetish, it can be used to symbolize being under someone's authority, such as a policemen, or of having control over someone who normally would be in authority, such as a sheriff, prison guard, or other law enforcement agency.

Bottom line is about one partner, dressing and acting in control over the other.


Where one is dressed in a uniform, and is the one being in control of the situation, or being dominated by the other. Generally however, the one in uniform is the one being the Dominant Sex Partner.

This can include the use of restraints, and in some BDSM performances, can involve the use of more than just restraints. This can include handcuffs, chains, whips, or other means.

Practice (Associated Acts): Also used in the more elaborate role playing in some sexual games. This can involve acting out some fantasies, such as being pulled over and forced to submit to various sexual acts, in order to 'get off' the pretended offence.

Noteworthy: There is some thought that many who actually are in positions of authority in real life, will seek out those who will assume that role in their sex games, in short, they will become the submissive partner, in order to satisfy a need to not be in control all the time. Sort of as a release of responsibility.

Other meanings

Cop - to grab a feel, to touch a person. Example (He copped a feel of his basket).

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