The state of mind, where one is tired or less adherent in using condoms during sex.



While not strictly relating to Gay Men, it is generally considered to be more applicable among Homosexuals. This being a state of mind, or weariness of adhering to a strict safe sex policy, when having sex.

It includes the lessening use of condoms during anal sex.

As well, it can refer to the lower impact safe sex messages, advertisements, are having among Males and Females.


The willingness to engage in 'unsafe' sex practices, such as not using a condom 100% of the time, or simply not remembering to use them.

To allow for semen to be secreted over open wounds, or such, or to ignore other dangerous safer sex practices.

Practice (Associated Acts): No longer being concerned over the implications of following a safer sex regiment, a sort of desensitizing of one's thought process about the need for such stringent or inconvenient practices.

Noteworthy: Used by Medical Professionals and Sex Advocates, this term is used to also explain a rise in HIV infection, even though there is NO direct proof that it is a cause of such increases.

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