gay Frat boys are college guys who belong to a fraternity or live in a frathouse.



College guys are men between the ages of 18 and 24 who attend a college or university. Men and women find them appealing because they are young and generally portrayed as fit. Frat boys are college guys who belong to a fraternity, which is a males-only college social oragnization. Many frat boys live in frat houses, which are houses near college campuses where fraternity members can live or hold their social functions.


Frat boys have always had a reputation for wild behavior including heavy drinking, hazing and uncontrollable parties. Frat boys are often the focus of gay erotica due in part to the fact that they live together without any woman and the fact that most college age guys are more willing to experiment sexually. There are a lot of gay porn movies about frat boys taking part in circle jerks and more and more sites are featuring supposedly straight frat guys masturbating on camera.

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