The device used to prohibit sexual activity or to limit the sexual activity of an individual.



A device designed specifically to inhibit the ability of another to engage in sexual intercourse, and also masturbation.


Early use of these devices, was noted at around the 1700's to the 1930's and were used for Children, to prevent masturbation.

At that time period, masturbation was actually considered not only immoral, but also denoted a form of mental illness. Hence its need to be controlled in children, who were thought to not know better.

There are exhibits in some Museums of early chastity belts, from the Renaissance Era, such as the British Museum in London, however many have been taken off display, due to questions of their authenticity.

Many Patents exist in the US Patent Office, but this is generally due to the wide belief of the times that masturbation was medically dangerous. The number of patents dropped off after the myth was debunked in the 1930's.

History (Legend): Historical reference to the ancient Knights leaving to fight in the Crusades, forcing their women to wear Chastity Belts while gone, is unproven. In fact, there is no historical reference to such actions being taken, and is considered more of a modern myth.


The covering of the male genitals by a shield, or device usually made from various materials. These devices can be to simply hide or deny access to the penis, or can include the scrotum as well.

Modern devices are made from an assortment of materials, including metal as well as strong leather coverings. The type used is dependent on the length of time it is to be worn.

For longer periods of time, it is important to use a device that allows for one's natural body functions, such as urination.

Most devices today are used by those in the BDSM Community, as a sign of control over the wearer.

Generally, these 'shields' will have a means of holding the penis in a downward angle, and restrict it's movement.

These 'cock cages' or 'chastity belts' are usually attached around the waist in various manners. Some will include a serous of straps, so as to leave the rectal area clear of obstruction.

Others will include a single strap the leads from the shield in front, up the center of the buttocks, to a strap or belt around the waist. This strap or belt can either be tightly fit, or given slack to allow for its positioning away from between the butt cheeks, for obvious reasons.

Practice (Associated Acts): Devices for women are basically the same, though for different purposes. The Shield is generally to cover the vagina, and is generally made from leather or a like substance.

The Male Devices can also include a strap or metal rod that goes between the butt cheeks, and can have a thicker plate or shield attached, to further inhibit anal sex.

Some devices were built or are available that are simply cage like devices, in which the penis is placed, and restricted from movement. Locks, such as padlocks, are used to secure the enclosures, and are also sometimes covered themselves, to avoid being broken into, or cut off.

One such popular 'cage' was noted as the CB-2000 introduced around 1999. This was popular due to its ability to be a sort of 'fit all size' product, in which people could customize it to fit, rather than having one specially made to accommodate the wearer's unique size, and shape.

Noteworthy: It is also used to denote a person is being unduly protected, or of one being over protective. Rather a derogatory or uncomplimentary connotation.

While there isn't a huge demand for such devices, it is thought that most made today are for use by Males, and more for sexual role playing, than for other associated reasons.

Other meanings

To inhibit inappropriate sexual activity either through temptation or by force. A sort of counter measure to insure one is in control over their sexuality. A rather extreme measure, though more for those who wish to avoid temptation, than in case of being attacked.

An example being someone is afraid of engaging in sex, while intoxicated or under the influence of a illegal substance.

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