Cock and ball torture, also referred to as CBT, is when pain is inflicted to the penis or testicals for erotic stimulation.



Cock and ball torture is often referred to as CBT. Masochistic men often find pain in the genital areas to be erotic. Both penis and testicals can be tied and pain can be caused in a variety of ways including pouring hot wax on the genitals, whipping or spanking them, tying them very tightly or putting clips or clamps on them. Ball stretching, which is the stretching of the skin of the testicals by various means, is also associated with CBT. Cock and ball torture can be practiced by a man or woman on a man or transsexual who has a penis.


Cock and ball torture is exciting for men who find pain pleasurable and also for men who are attracted to a feeling of danger since the penis and testicals are both sensitive areas. CBT can be accomplished by simply spanking the penis and/or testicals using one's hand, however there are many pieces of equipment associated with it, also. Cock harnesses, ball stretches, clips, clamps, cock and ball crushers and squeezers, as well as weights used to stretch the cock or balls are all sold at erotic toy shops. Various erotic electrical devices such as the Violet Wand can also be used for cock and ball torture. Care should be used by the person administering cock and ball torture since the male genitals are more delicate and sensitive than most other parts of the body.

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