An approach to educate and achieve a more safe sex approach among sexually active persons, that is different than the ABC strategy.



A term or approach, where it promotes the use of safer sex practices, but without the moralizing aspect, that is generally associated with the ABC Strategy.

This involves simply the laying out of facts, regarding the use of condoms, of needles, and of how to discuss these issues with one's sexual partner.

Considered to be less moralizing, it is thought to have a better impact among those who are turned off by lectures and such hyped tactics.


Primarily used to educate, but to also help reduce the spread of STD's and HIV, in areas where abstinence is simply not reasonable, such as among Prostitutes, or in low income areas, or for those engaging in high risk drug use.

The key is NO MORALITY LECTURES or discussion of Abstinence, which is not a likely solution among those being given this information.

Practice (Associated Acts): ABC Strategy which promotes Abstinence as a primary method of controlling the transfer of diseases common with sexual activity.

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