Defecating on a partner's chest, as well as smearing the feces in with one's buttocks.



To poop, shit, on a partner's body, usually the chest area, as well as to grind the feces in, by sitting on it and smearing it in.


To squat over another person, and have a bowel movement. The fecal matter is either left, or the person who defecated then uses their buttocks to smear the poop on their partner's body. It is usually done over the person's chest region.

Practice (Associated Acts): To poop, and then smear the fresh turds, or feces, under the other person's nose. Known as the 'Dirty Sanchez'.

Noteworthy: Mentioned and described or alluded to in the November 2006 episode of the popular USA television show 'Prison Break'. It also was illustrated on the popular adult cartoon show, 'Family Guy'.

It has also appeared on the uncut version of Australia's Big Brother in 2005, as well as on Conan O'Brian's show, and even was the subject of a hoax email in the United States House of Representatives.

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