Slang for those who dress up and try to appear as construction workers, or blue collar type persons, including uniformed professions.



Over dramatized physical appearance using clothing to emulate a particular style of profession. Mainly the use of uniforms or outfits that denote a specific field of 'blue collar' work, such as construction worker.


Out of the Stonewall Riots, and the emergence of the Castro Region in San Francisco as a tolerant district, people flocked to the area and dressed in a fashion to emulate, or accentuate their preference for that type of man.

Some of it was also due to the influence of 'homoerotic' art from the likes of Tom of Finland.

History (Legend): As the 'Gay Rights Movement' grew, many rushed to dress to highlight their physical attributes, to highlight them in order to attract other males, with similar tastes, but also in a sense of 'flaunting their sexuality' that had been repressed by society for so long.


The dressing up in tight pants, such as Police Uniforms (specifically motorcycle officer uniforms) were part of the goal to highlight their physical attributes more.

Noteworthy: The Village People are an example of those who dressed over the top, to signify their preferences or adoration of certain professions or jobs. The Construction Worker, Policeman being typical.

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