The act of engaging in intercourse, and not ejaculating within one's partner, but in prolonging the stimulation.



More than just not ejaculating within one's partner, while engaged in intercourse, or copulation.

This is where one prolongs the feeling just prior to ejaculation, but where one resists the body urge to ejaculate, to achieve complete orgasm.


It is thought that the word is a derivative of the Italian word Carezza which means to caress, though some believe it comes from the Persian.

Physician Alice Bunker Stockholm is believed to have coined the word 'Karezza' which is supposed to be close in meaning to that of 'maithuna' in Buddhist Tantra, or Sahaja in Hindu Yoga.


Through various techniques, such as the constricting of the penis when the urge to ejaculate occurs, the use of meditation techniques to control the flow of semen, is used to maintain the level of heightened arousal, feeling, without allowing the semen to actually flow out into one's partner.

To try and maintain a level of spiritual rapture, without the physical release, is one that requires a great deal of self control, and practice.

This is referred to as remaining in the Plateau Phase of Orgasm, the second stage of the three stages.

The concept of Karezza can also be applied to solitary masturbation, in that the male, or female, brings themselves close to orgasm, but controls the urge, to remain at that stage prior to ejaculation.

Practice (Associated Acts):

As a form of birth control, that is not proven to be highly effective, as during even the Plateau Phase, seminal fluid can leak out.

Also, during this phase, pre seminal fluid (precum) is excreted, which can contain semen, and thus impregnate the other party.

If used as a prevention of transmission of disease, again, the discharge of precum would make this less than ideal, as compared to using a condom.

No effective studies exist, showing that semen actually does exist in precum, or that it is of sufficient strength, quality, to fertilize a woman's egg, the issue is however, that it is extremely difficult to prevent full orgasm from happening.

This method was also considered to be an earlier form of birth control, that was proven to be less effective than thought.

Until the invention of rubber condoms, this was the primary chosen method of birth control.


Some contend that withholding one's ejaculation on a frequent basis, can lead to irritation, to possible ejaculatory problems later on.

Dr. Stockholm contends that it takes the body from a few weeks to a month to regenerate itself, following ejaculation, so that when one constantly ejaculates, achieves full orgasm, on a regular basis, that it lessens the body's ability to regenerate its fluids.

The primary goal is to prolong the body's desire, to provide a more spiritual connection with one's partner, by not achieving full orgasm.

The concept being that if one holds their semen inside more than they ejaculate it, their connection with their partner will intensify, as it originally felt, upon first becoming a couple.

During the 'Plateau Phase' one is more vocal, and the body shows more muscular contractions, which generates a physical feeling between the joined bodies.

It is this stage that one feels the most, thus it is believed that by maintaining that feeling for longer periods, will only enhance the spiritual feelings between the two partners.

Out in left field is the concept that this is partially religious, in that the Catholic Church considers that any semen ejaculated, other than for procreation, is a waste of the precious seed, and therefore a sin.

It contends that the practice of Carezza or Coitus Reservatus, is for use when the female is not in the life cycle, at her most fertile.

Therefore it is incumbent upon the male to not waste his seed, but as they are 'a couple' the need for sexual satisfaction is acceptable.

However that assumes that the semen is held for the right time.

In a heterosexual relationship, the art of Karezza is one of the male actually allowing the woman partner to experience orgasm, while maintaining their own control.

This 'control' allows the female to experience prolonged orgasm, or multiple orgasms, while the male holds back.

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