Various confinement facilities used in the BDSM community, for use during sexual role playing.



The use of special equipment for sexual role playing in the BDSM Community, where one person is kept in a confined space, with easy access to the other. Limited movement by the submissive is allowed, rather than being completely restrained.

It is used to enhance the mental imagery of role playing.

Alternative Meanings 'Cage' - can be used to refer to a cheap motel room, apartment, used by Prostitutes and Hustlers to take their clients to, for sex.

In prisons, 'cage' generally refers to one's cell or can also be used for more specific prison cells, such as solitary cells used for punishment of inmates.


The main purpose is to provide full view of the subject, in a confined space, to heighten the role playing of dominance, and submission. It can be used as part of a punishment routine in sexual role playing games, as well as to provide a greater mental image of the two roles being played.

Cages are also used to show control, as well as used for discipline of a submissive.

It is to show the vulnerability of the slave, captive. Hence most cages are constructed of wire mesh, steel tubing or bars.

Puppy Cages - approx. 4 feet long, 2 to 3 feet wide, and about 3 feet tall. Usually constructed of wire mesh.

It prevents the subject from being able to stand fully erect, or lay down flat. Generally a subject is forced to be on their hands and knees, hence it's name of being a 'puppy' cage.

Travel carriers used for dogs are an inexpensive 'cage' though they fail to deliver the proper emotion of captivity, of helplessness, that is sought for in this particular role playing.

Upright Cages - Usually 7 feet tall, 2 feet wide and abut 1 foot in depth, these cages are used to keep the submissive in a standing position, without being able to fully move around.

Again usually constructed of material that allows for a full view of the submissive.

These type of cages restrict the movement of the submissive, and usually have several different access panels, for the dominant to use, without giving a way for the submissive to leave.

These 'panels' give access to the genitals, rectum, chest, and so on, for various sexual acts.

There are variations as well, in which specially constructed cages are used to require the submissive to be in a sitting position rather than in an upright stance HOWEVER, these are usually custom constructed, adding to their expense, and aren't really for general use, as everyone is not exactly built the same.

Gibbet Cages - Based on the historical cage, used to display the bodies of executed prisoners, this type of cage has been adopted for use in the BDSM community, as a more restrictive cage, than the others.

Generally these cages are supposed to be in the actual shape of a person, allowing for no real movement, and as such are generally custom constructed to specific dimensions.

Expensive props, but for some a worthwhile expense.

It should be noted, that these particular cages were never designed for living persons.

Other meanings

In some slang terminology the word 'cage' has been used to describe a less than pleasant abode, used by Hustlers for taking their tricks to.

The rooms themselves are usually small, dirty, unkempt, and rather squalid, making their use obvious.

Generally it is in what are termed as 'flop houses'

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