Slang reference to a woman's genitalia, due to its resemblance to the vegetable Cabbage.
cable laying
Slang term for defecating, for pooping or the laying out of turds. Hence the term 'cable laying'.
cadbury alley
A more British slang term to describe one who participates in anal sex with another male.
Various confinement facilities used in the BDSM community, for use during sexual role playing.
cake boy
Slang term for a homosexual male.
cake eater
A man who performs oral sex, specifically on a woman's vagina.
cake pimp
A pimp, that is considered to NOT BE very successful in their trade / profession.
Slang for the buttocks, the twin cheeks of a person's derriere.
The sexual fantasy, desire to expose one's partner, naked (in reality or through images), to another individual, or other parties, groups.
Deliberate blows administered to various body parts, using a rod or cane.
The act of engaging in intercourse, and not ejaculating within one's partner, but in prolonging the stimulation.
casting couch
A euphemism for where an underling is required to perform sexual favors for a superior authority figure, made notable by Hollywood.
The induced state where a male loses the use of their testes, or reproductive glands, through medical and/or chemical means.
castro clone
Slang for those who dress up and try to appear as construction workers, or blue collar type persons, including uniformed professions.
casual sex
Having sex, either oral or intercourse, with a random person, without any romantic involvement.
An acronym, for Cock, Ball, Tit, Torture. Used mainly in the BDSM community.
chicken hawk
An older gay man who goes after mainly twinks, considerably younger males than himself.
A common infection, disease, that is transmitted through sexual contact.
chocolate starfish
A reference to the anus, alluding to the fact that it is the place where one defecates from, and has a star type shape to it.
Potentially dangerous philia, where one achieves a sexual arousal, from being held captive, or/and being robbed.
A relatively new word, that deals with the arousal, attraction of people, based on age differences. Includes various other terms, for specific age discrepancies.
A sub community of the Gay Community, that feature men who are overweight, and/or obese.
circle jerk
Where a group of males get together, to masturbate themselves, but in front of each other.
circuit party
A mega dance event, with a particular theme, to the location where the individual party is being held.
The act of removing the foreskin from the penis, creating no sheath or hooded penis head.
cleveland steamer
Defecating on a partner's chest, as well as smearing the feces in with one's buttocks.
Provocative clothing, unique to a particular sexual fetish, or lifestyle, that is very revealing in nature.
cnn approach
An approach to educate and achieve a more safe sex approach among sexually active persons, that is different than the ABC strategy.
Considered a vulgar expression used to describe the penis. Though today is quite an accepted term for the male sex organ.
cock and ball torture
Cock and ball torture, also referred to as CBT, is when pain is inflicted to the penis or testicals for erotic stimulation.
cock cage
The device used to prohibit sexual activity or to limit the sexual activity of an individual.
cock pumping
Cock pumping is using a suction device on the penis.
cock restraints
The devices used to restraint the male penis, and testicles, during sexual activity, and afterwards, during sex role playing.
cock sucker
A person who performs Fellatio on a male, in that they orally stimulate the penis, to the point of ejaculation, and orgasm.
In strict terms, a married man whose partner is cheating on them with another, though it can simply refer to someone who is in a monogamous relationship, where the other partner is cheating on them, irrespective of gender.
Term referring to where a party is formally made the slave to another, in a total power exchange situation.
college guys
gay Frat boys are college guys who belong to a fraternity or live in a frathouse.
coming out
The voluntary announcement to friends, family, or others that they are a homosexual.
condom fatigue
The state of mind, where one is tired or less adherent in using condoms during sex.
The device used to cover the penis, during intercourse, to prevent the spread of semen, or the contraction of various diseases.
conversion therapy
The various methods used, in an attempt to change one person from being a homosexual, to becoming heterosexual.
Uncontrolled or obsessive use of language, mostly vulgar in nature, in reference to scat practices. To speak about poop, in a constant erotic sense, without concern or inhibition in any setting, an uncontrollable urge that can occur at any time.
Scientific term, used to denote those who enjoy the actual digestion of feces / excrement.
Fascination of men who are in law enforcement, such as Police, Prison Guards, and other law related agencies.
The act of two people engaging in sexual intercourse, in which penetration occurs.
corporal punishment
Inflicting a graduating amount of pain, in order to maintain discipline or authority in a relation, or in a BDSM role playing scenario.
The use of a corset garment, which can be tightened to restrict the upper body of the wearer, making them experience a shortness of breath.
Dressing up in costume, where one takes on the identity of a different gender.
A British slang term used to describe sex between men, in a public restroom. Mainly used to refer to men who cruise a public restroom, for casual sexual encounters.
courtship disorder
An underlying disorder, that impacts one's ability to form a lasting relationship, due to specific breakdown in the standard phases of courtship.
The sex position where the person sitting or laying on their back is the penetrating partner in intercourse.
cowboy position
Traditionally a heterosexual sex position, this is one that Lesbians, with a strap on dildo, can better perform, than any man on man scenario.
cream of the crop
Camp or humorous gay slang term, referring to a slim, lanky male.
In porn, a gay creampie is an internal cumshot.
crimes against nature
Legal term referring to a form of sexual behavior that is legally considered to be unacceptable, or at odds with the accepted sexual practices of society.
The wearing of clothing that is for a different gender, than the person wearing it is.
Dressing up in costume, to portray a different gender or sex of the person wearing the costumer.
crotch rope
A form of bondage that uses a rope to secure the groin area of a person, most usually a woman, though a male version exists.
crotch strap
Usually a piece of leather, that is attached to the waist, that runs down and under, covering the scrotum, running between the buttocks.
Cruising is a term referring to a person driving or walking in order to find a sex partner.
crush fetish
Being aroused sexually by watching another crush an insect, mammal, reptile or object.
Like CBT and CBTT, it is an acronym for the words cock torture, as used in BDSM sex play.
The common term used to denote the ejaculate from a male's penis, technically known as Semen. Often spelled as 'come'.
Cumshots are the ejaculation scense in adult movie.
The act of sensitizing a part of the skin, through suction. Originally used in ancient Medicine, for various treatments, that drew blood closer to the surface of the skin.
Engaging in sexual gratification through use of the Internet.