The cone shaped object, shorter than a dildo, that is inserted into the rectum, for anal stimulation.



Made generally of latex, or silicone, these cone shaped devices are used for anal stimulation primarily, due to their shape. They are coned like at the top, tapering to a larger width, with a thin stock followed by a plate.

The plate generally resides on the outside, for easy removal of the plug, the tiny thin stock is for the sphincter muscle to wrap around. This is to prevent the item from being inserted beyond its safe limits into the rectum.


Manufacture - Generally made from Latex or Silicone, other products such as glass, wood, metal, stone, and neoprene are used to create these plugs.

Structure - Cone shaped, with a smooth surface, or ribbed surface. The smooth surface is generally used for prolonged use, while if used as a dildo, the ribbed model is generally preferred.

Use - Proper lubrication is required, given the nature of the toy. While the penetrating tip is generally the size of a finger, it can be painful if not properly lubricated.

With any device being inserted, the right type of lubrication is necessary, to avoid risk to the toy, and to the receiving person.

Slow even pressure is applied, to gradually insert the butt plug, without causing / limiting risk of causing rectal tearing. One more reason for amble lubrication.

Once fully inserted, the butt plug can be locked, using other devices found in most BDSM scenarios. It can be left in place for a lengthy time frame, but it should be noted that prolonged use can leave the sphincter muscle stretched.

Proper use of this device, can mitigate any prolonged stretching, or can be of minimal risk or harm.

When inserted, the device can be rotated, slid in and out in a steady rhythm, to help in stimulation, or even to create an orgasm, through its stimulating of the Prostrate Gland inside the rectum.

Like any toy inserted into the rectum, care should be taken to insure minimal risk of tearing or perforation. Use of a condom on these devices is also recommended for hygienic purposes

Practice (Associated Acts): Some models are able to simulate ejaculation while others are adorned for use in 'pony play' scenarios. These items also come in a wide range of colors, for those into color co-ordination of their sex toys.

Some can be more lengthier than the average, and even take on the shape of a penis, though they are more like junior dildos than butt plugs.

While they all share the same basic concept, the more shaped items are used for simulating penetration by a penis, while other sexual acts are performed.

Noteworthy: Health risks can occur, from either prolonged use, or improper force of penetration. In addition, some enjoy the act of changing, in which these sex toys are inserted, then are removed for use in other body regions, such as oral or vaginal (when a woman is using them).

This can lead to cross contamination. Butt Plugs should be used only when properly sterilized prior to use, and when a condom or some form of protective covering is used during use in the rectal area. This is to prevent the transfer of fecal matter if used in other body parts, such as the mouth.

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