Slang term used to denote a heterosexual person, as used by homosexual persons, in either a derogatory sense, or joking manner.



Slang term used mainly by Homosexuals to describe heterosexuals.

Primarily the term is in reference to the fact that Heterosexual Males engaging in sex, can lead to creating children, while Homosexual Sex does not have that implied result, or risk.

It is partially based on the notion that Gay Men generally will not procreate, while Heterosexual Males do, even though both can. It is more about how Homosexuals choose not to involve themselves in the child creation process, that being having sex with woman.

While the lifestyle is not a choice, the decision to bear children is a choice, assuming no medical conditions that would prevent it, such as low sperm count, or such.


Original use of the word was in animal husbandry, hence the reason for it being considered mostly a derogatory term when applied to humans.


To be 'referenced' as a 'breeder' it involves a male engaging in unprotected sex with a female.

Noteworthy: Egg Packer ' a mocking of the term used by Heterosexuals to describe gay men, (fudge packer). The term referring to a man's penis being in a woman's vagina, to fertilize the eggs.

Egg Hatcher ' referring to a woman, who is seeking sex for the purpose of becoming pregnant, due to the notion of her biological clock, or child bearing years, becoming shortened.

Bloodline Survivalist ' generally refers to a heterosexual male, who seeks to engage in sex to procreate a 'male heir' to propagate their particular line. King Henry VIII is the most noted of such 'bloodline survivalists.'

Other meanings

Can be used to also describe those with children, by those who are childless. Not mainly considered a complimentary word, in this context it can be either.

The concept being that the primary concern for the person is their children, at the exclusion of their other friends.

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