Phone call or other methods of conduct between un related persons, for the purpose of sex only.



A 'booty call' is about communicating with a person, or friend, through various means, to arrange a meeting for the express purpose of sex, which can be oral or intercourse or both. It is not necessary to have any other relationships among the parties engaging in a 'booty call' though some association can develop.


It is believed that comedian Bill Bellamy coined the phrase during one of his stand up shows in the 1990's.

Normally associated with African American Males, seeking random sex, most agree it is also used among other races.


Usually involves a telephone call during hours not traditionally noted for being about seeking a romantic date, or meeting. Usually this call, instant message, email, is done after midnight until the early morning hours.

It is used primarily to satisfy a sexual need, that one feels is urgent or in need of being attended to.

Usually the person receiving the call, communication is the one providing the booty, the one calling being the one in need.

Exchange of money or gifts are not normally associated with such a relationship.

Practice (Associated Acts): In some instances, a ''booty call' can be between formerly involved parties, where one or both feel the need of the sexual attention or inter action of the no longer involved party. This is simply to fill a sexual need, that that person was able to fulfill.

It does not come under the guise of attempting to re establish any emotional or romantic involvement.

Noteworthy: A booty call may simply be where one person is able to fulfill the needs of another at any time, outside of existing relationships.

A size queen for example.

They seek the feel of a huge penis inside their anus, but are involved with someone who simply isn't up to their 'standard' in regards to size.

That person may seek someone out, who does meet that standard, and are called when the Size Queen has a need to be satisfied urgently, outside their existing relationship.

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