Specific safety tips for when involved in Bondage type of role playing, or engaging in sex where restraints are used.



Specific safety tips for when involved in Bondage type of role playing.


Bondage is a common form of BDSM, and popular, but has a great deal of risk associated with it. Proper training, knowledge, and tools are required to engage in proper bondage sex.

There are many ways for a person to enjoy being bound, if one takes the time to use the right tools, not just something they find lying around the house, on the spur of the moment.

Bondage requires thought, and consideration. Home items can be used, but test them first, insure they can be easily removed.

(1) Safety is important, and begins with insuring that there is a clear SAFETY SIGNAL / WORD to be used, if needed.

However, it should be noted, common sense applies here, which means that certain practices should be stopped, even IF the safe word or signal IS NOT GIVEN.

(2) Communication between those involved is essential in helping determine what is safe, what is unacceptable. Clearly discuss all aspects of your 'routine' PRIOR to engaging in it.

When attempting 'new' facets to the routine, keep close and careful eye on the submissive, for signs of fainting, of discomfort that is more than just a matter of unease.

Keep in mind, Bondage is also a form of torture, and it can be safe for sexual games if properly used. If unsure of a technique, get the answers BEFORE ATTEMPTING, as serious injuries DO OCCUR.

(3) Never, ever leave a bound person alone. Ropes and other restraints can move, can slip, and incidents of strangulation or other serious effects DO OCCUR.

(4) When viewing images online, or in Videos, depicting various Bondage styles, keep in mind that they may not be REAL. With the ability of imaging programs, what you see, may simply not be possible, and therefore not safe.

Note too, that while some positions and shot are not altered, they are done merely for the visual effect and are not maintained for any length of time. In fact, may only be maintained for the time it takes to take the picture, film the scene.

In addition, there are usually crew members on the sidelines, who can assist when things get out of hand, or become dangerous.

(5) Tools of the trade should include not just ropes, chains, and other implements, but proper means of removing those restraints.

Bolt Cutters MUST be close by, when using chains, and should be checked to insure they are the proper type for removing the chains being used, or locks.

Shears that can quickly slice through rope or similar restraints need to be checked for sharpness, and also be kept close by.

Panic Snaps should be in place, tested as well, to insure that a quick release of anyone being suspended or tied up, can be easily released.

(6) Use of drugs or alcohol (in any quantity) while engaging in Bondage can lead to serous injury to one or both, can even result in irreparable harm. It is simply not smart to be high or drunk while engaging in risky behavior, such as bondage.

(7) Breathing obstructions are a big no no. It is important to insure that all restraints do not block air flow for breathing, which includes chest obstructions. Air passages need to be kept clear, and constantly monitored for potential blockages.

While collars are one thing, using rope or other more 'expressive' tools around the neck should be avoided. Any aggressive action or play can result in severe choking, as well as damage. Excessive pressure to the Jugular or Larynx should be avoided, which can best be done by not having anything covering them.

(8) Circulation is a major concern as well. Improper placement of knots can restrict the blood flow that can create serious damage to the submissive.

Bindings on joints and over arteries is again, just common sense. Pressure on these points, can severely restrict the flow of blood, that can result in permanent damage.

Wrist restraints should not be secured on an artery underneath. Meaning you need to maintain any knots or such, above the wrist.

Communication - The submissive also needs to be aware of possible side effects, and immediately inform the dominant of any unusual tingling or numbness that occurs. Lack of such communication, the playing the hero, can result in severe damage or injury.

One Finger Rule - When applying restraints, while the goal is to restrict movement, a simple trick of insuring that there is at least room for one finger to slip under, will insure that harm to the submissive is avoided.

Thicker rope with multiple turns can create less chance of harm. It is important for the submissive to inform the dominant when they experience any loss of feeling, specially in the fingers or other extremities.

When restraining a person, as fingers, toes, etc, are more susceptible to tingling, to loss of feeling, it is a good idea to not have them bound, in connection with other restraints, so that they can be loosened, without having to totally release the submissive, and bring the role playing to an abrupt end.

(9) Falling Risks during any 'suspension play' can be prevented, if precautions are taken, that insure that obstacles are not in the way, for anyone to trip over.

In addition, sudden loss or falling while being restrained, can cause serious injuries, such as dislocation of joints. One more reason to insure that proper equipment, ropes, chains, etc are used.

Panic Straps or Releases are essential tools, as are proper bolt cutters, shears, and such, so that quick action can prevent serious injury.

Fire suppression equipment is essential, specially if using any type of fire related items, such as candles or cigarettes.

All such safety equipment should be in clear sight, within easy reach, at all times. All parties should know their exact location and how to use them, should the need arise.

Nerve Damage is another important risk, that requires some study before one engages in the art of Bondage. Like mentioned earlier, bondage was also a form of torture. It did lead to permanent damage, as nerve damage is usually painless.

Use of certain restraints, in combination with suspension, can lead to such damages. Example being to use a chest harness, as also a point for suspension. Careful placement can allow for such pleasures, but you need to know the various points PRIOR to engaging in such practices.

(10) Gags cannot be removed by a person bound, so leaving them alone can only be asking for possible trouble.

Using Gags, should mean careful monitoring as well, to insure that the material/gag cannot be swallowed, or that it can be dislodged and create breathing difficulties.

(11) Constricting the chest, or hanging a person for any length of time, can lead to breathing difficulties, so careful monitoring is necessary.

In addition, prolonged suspension can create exhaustion, which further can lead to breathing difficulties. Not to mention that sexual activity can further stimulate the heart rate, thus adding to the body stress when a person is restrained.

Normal ties, bindings, can be fine, until 'suspension techniques' are added to the mix. This type of bondage was used as a form of torture, that did cause death. It is painful, when it goes wrong, which can include circulation problems, dislocations, nerve damage, and worse, death.

Monitoring is essential, as well as using proper tying procedures, and equipment.

(12) Ropes can be rough, specially if you use Sisal or such. Boiling them can avoid a lot of unnecessary roughness, as well as enhance the bondage session.

Test the rope yourself, by running it over a sensitive area of your own body, increase the speed until it becomes uncomfortable. This way you will know what to expect when you are using it.

Synthetic Ropes heat up slower than natural ropes, so make sure you know which kind you are using, adjust accordingly.

Fabric softener or Mink Oil can also add to softening the rope.

A candle can easily be used to burn off splinters, which can be very irritating in long bondage sessions.

Many ropes (polypropylene) found in Do It Yourself shops are unsuited, as they splinter very easily, which can be very irritating. They don't last as long either, so going on the cheap side isn't advisable.

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